RPI Watch:  2.10.13


At this stage, the only important thing is to win the next game. Yes, it is nice when past opponents win but the Cats control their own destiny at this stage. If they lose then tie-breakers and caring about opponents losses/wins starts to figure into the equation.

N Dakota, S Dakota, Lamar, N Florida, Michigan, USC-Upstate and George Washington all lost their last games. While Alabama-Huntsville, Delaware, Gonzaga, Texas Southern, Florida and UMKC all won. I'm starting to wonder if I can apply for the coaching job at Lamar (BigE want to be the 'real' coach?) as I do not see the Lamar coach keeping his job after this season.

Cats still need to continue improving rebounding and playing smart basketball, then the wins will take care of themselves. The game in Lawrence won't be easy and the Cats need to focus on playing ball while ignoring the crowd. The Cats can not take any game for granted at this point in the season as every opponent will give extra effort against the Cats.

The bracket matrix had K-State as the first 5 this week, with Marquette just behind the Cats. Monday's game will either see the Cats move up to a 4 or down to a 6.

Regarding officiating, in all games this year K-State has 189 fouls which is 4th most in the Big XII. Conference only fouls has K-State at 153 fouls for 10th in the Big XII. In other words the Cats are fouling less than the other teams during conference play. As Jon Morse pointed out, a lot of what we see as we watch games is confirmation bias. We think a call should be made and it is not, so obviously the refs want the other team to win. OSU (200) and KU (195) lead the league in fouls called.

K-State (193) is 4th for free throw attempts this year in conference play while Texas (273) has the most attempts. As KU (179) always receives the calls, it is appropriate that they are 7th in the conference in attempts.

The officials miss calls but it is not an easy job and it could be worse.

Overall Record: 19-4

Big XII Record: 8-2

RPI: 22


Signature Wins (RPI 1-30) : Florida (6), Oklahoma (18), @Oklahoma

Quality Wins (RPI 31-100) : Oklahoma State (27), @West Virginia (86), Iowa State (38)

Bad Losses (RPI 101 or greater) : none

Result/Date Opponent Overall Conference RPI ↑ ↓ Latest
Wins Losses Wins Losses
W 52-85
North Dakota
10 13 7 7 Big Sky
246 L Montana
W 55-79 Lamar 3 21 1 11 Southland 317 L Sam Houston
W 26-87
18 3 11 2 Gulf South W West Florida
W55-74 North Florida 10 16 5 8 Atlantic Sun 226 L Mercer
W 63-66
Delaware 12 12 7 4 Colonial 152 W George Mason
L 51-71 (4) @Michigan 21 3 8 3 Big Ten 5 L Wisconsin
W 53-72 South Carolina-Upstate 13 13 7 6 Atlantic Sun 220 L Florida Gulf Coast
W 65-62 @George Washington 11 11 5 4 Atlantic Ten 118 L Butler
L 52-68 (14) @Gonzaga 23 2 10 0 West Coast 13 W Loyola Marymount
W 69-78 Texas Southern 10 14 9 2 Southwestern 206 W Jackson State
W 61-67 (8) Florida 19 3 9 1 Southeast 6 W Mississippi State
W 44-52 Missouri-Kansas City 7 19 4 8 Summit 277 W South Dakota
W 50-70 South Dakota 8 16 4 8 Summit 238
W 67-73 Oklahoma State 17 5 7 3 27 W@Texas
W 65-64 @West Virginia 12 11 5 5 86 W @TCU
W 67-54
@Texas Christian 10 13 1 9 221
W 60-69
Oklahoma 15 7 6 4 18 W Kansas
L 59-55
Kansas 19 4 7 3 9
L 73-67
@Iowa State 16 7 6 4 38 L @ K-State
W 57-83
Texas 10 13 2 8 162
W 52-50
W 68-59
@Texas Tech 9 12 2 8 217 L @ Baylor
W 70-79
Iowa State
2/11 8pm
2/16 6pm
Baylor 15 8 6 4 50
2/18 8pm
West Virginia
2/23 7pm
2/25 6pm
Texas Tech
3/2 6pm
3/5 7pm
Texas Christian
3/9 12:30pm
@Oklahoma State
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