So, Saban, Harbaugh & Jesus walk into a Texas coaching search

Erich Schlegel

Last full week of work for me as I think of goals I won't accomplish in working off this recently steady diet of Buffalo Wild Wings (12 boneless honey BBQ with blue cheese ... and a Sam Adams seasonal or three — what's your favorite?) in honor of the Kansas St. Wildcats ...

- That 72-43 win by Kansas State men's basketball team over Troy on Sunday should have brought back some fond memories for Martin-ites.

- Game recap: Offensive rebounding. The end.

- K-State won't physically dominate many more teams the rest of the year, but Troy had no shot from the start.

- KSU's energy and focus were lauded by its head coach after the game.

- If Bruce Weber ever gets to laud his team's outside shooting this season against a zone, it will be the first time.

- Will Spradling hit four treys, but there were also too many instances of poor shot selection after guys either stood around indecisively, or spent too much time trying to think their way through offensive sets.

- Anyways, Gonzaga is up next in Wichita on Saturday.

- K-State's defense is good enough to win that game.

- If Thomas Gipson is on the floor.

- I don't mean that from a numbers standpoint, necessarily, but he has presence, and he's the only legit big Weber has right now because D.J. Johnson has regressed something fierce.

- Big gets, literally, for Bill Snyder this week, with three junior college corners — two listed at 6-1 or taller — all committing to KSU.

- And, a hat-tip/helmet sticker to the loads of Wildcats who turned in elite-level performances during an up-and-down year on the football field.

- Add all of this stuff to the growing list of reasons why 2014 looks like it might be pretty fun for K-State.

- Elite program expectations are a job hazard, and he had a great run even by those standards, but ...

- Is it okay for me to feel a little bad for Mack Brown?

- And, shame on Texas for acting like the offer for Brown to stay in 2014 was doing him, or the program, a favor.

- What? Was it going to take Nick Saban, Jim Harbaugh or Jesus an extra year to get their own affairs in order before committing themselves fully to Texas?

- That coaching wish list might have been the best comedy read of 2013.

- We know it would have gotten a laugh out of State of Florida attorney Willie Meggs, anyways.

- Then again, apparently, what doesn't?

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