College Football it's for the kid in all of us

I certainly didn't intend to go to the game Saturday and be all nostalgic. In fact I debated with myself heavily whether I wanted to go at all. When I decided; I was going to enjoy the day and game, come what may on the outcome.

Over the years, I enjoy pregame the most; I also tend to forget about my camera during the games. So this is leading up to the game, it's a great time because nobody cares about outcome. My interpretation of events in photos.

The Kids Part I



The students, the reason we have a university really. Our future and all that. You know some of these kids where playing high school football just last year, and will be bragging to their buddies they could still play "if they wanted to". They are here in mass well before the pregame clock starts, pointing out the above section is still empty. I remember in the early 90s getting into this section; remember I was never a student at KSU and was also in high school myself during some of those year. They didn't care at the gate, KSU stunk, anybody could get in. Heck, they had to let anybody in to make it look like an actual student section.



I have no idea who the two brunettes in the bottom left corner are; they are totally posing for a photo I'm just randomly taking of the crowd.

I have also found in the past few years, if you have a nice'ish camera around your neck, you can tend to get pretty close to the field. Until somebody actually paying attention notices you don't have a press pass.



Apparently, Sams and Waters are fast "practice" hand off'ers. Both are already done, while the other three back up QBs are still in motion. Also, Ertz is definitely red-shirting and bottom of the QB pile, hard to tell, but he's not taking a snap from anybody, the guy in grey is just flipping him the ball.



Speaking of Ertz, that leads me to

The Kids part II



For some reason these three (60, 55, 93) caught my eye. I had no idea at the time, but just thinking to myself, those have to be three freshman and I guarantee their conversation has nothing to do with football.



#60 looks like the ham of the group, that pose just cracks me up...he's telling a joke, you know it. And so what, they are freshman (I guessed it). They are pie-in-the-sky of an opportunity, but at the same time, they aren't seeing the field, they don't have any nerves about playing Baylor. Last year at this time, they where in high school being recruited by the legendary Bill Snyder and probably thought they where all world. This year, they are on the field but have no idea what's going on.

These freshman where at one time

The Kids part III



Bill Snyder has a genuine smile right now. You can tell he honestly, at this moment, is exactly where he wants to be, and I'm not talking about being at a football game.

Sometimes I wish I knew the random people I have photos of, I'd really like to send this little girl parents this picture.



She is literally on her toes to reach out and give Bill Snyder a five, and the little boy next to her is about to fall off the railing with excitement.

I have about 5,000 photos of just the pregame stuff. I shoot a lot of stuff randomly and quickly, just because one of those photos usually gets captured you didn't intend. This was that photo for me on Saturday.



Now while the focus is on the kids hand and the KSU gloved hand, the thing afterwards that I really like is the hands just behind; a father holding out his sons hand. Which I tried to capture, but as the next pic shows, a stupid pole just barely gets in the frame messing up the focus.



The Kids part IV

Then it's the pageantry and the roar of the opening ceremonies and crowd to get the rest of us to buy into this mystical game and forget all our troubles and be kids just yelling for no good reason.



(random thought, it was harley day...i took no pictures of the Harley's, don't know, even surprised myself as I look through my pictures)

Has the band always had this flag, I don't remember ever seeing it before, and I like it.



The only game action I caught was our first touchdown plunge. I was pretty certain we would score so I walked down and got in the Fox camera bay, because well, I have a camera.



The play as we know ended up being just a QB plunge, so it's kind of hard to capture much action on a scrum pile.

Finally, this random photo is create-a-caption...what is #11 for Baylor doing.



He looks like he's on our side of the ball, and making a touchdown signal, was he helping us? Also, get a bigger jersey or tuck that sloppy grey mess of a shirt in.

Welp, once I got chased off for the second time, I put the camera down for the rest of the afternoon and just got lost in yelling my heart out. The fantastic game certainly helped, but like I said...these photos are pre-game, nobody cared at that point if we would win or lose, get blown out or scrap by....everybody just wanted to be a kid for a few hours.

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