Bowl Picks and College Football round up: week 2

After a relatively boring week 1, week 2 proved to be one of the most entertaining weekends in recent memory, just to give you an idea 4 top 25s went down... all to unranked teams. 3 more top 25s only won by won possession, also all against unranked teams, and 2 more top 25 games were within a possession or less entering the fourth quarter, both against you guessed it unranked teams. Now onto the round up well start out with the ACC.

ACC: 10-1* (*=1 inner conference game)

It was really a mixed bag of games in the ACC this weekend as Boston College (Maine), Virginia Tech (Austin Peay), Florida State (Savannah State), and Georgia Tech (Presbyterian) all won easily. Four more had some pretty competitive games as NC State beat UConn 10-7, Maryland beat Temple 36-27, Virginia beat Penn State 17-16 and Wake Forest beat North Carolina 28-27. Two more teams had pretty bad weekends, as Duke got smashed by Stanford 50-13 and I think we all know what happened to the tropical depressions.

For more conference round ups and Big 12 bowl picks keep reading after the jump

Little 10: 6-6

It was not a banner day for the Big 10 as they went 6-6 and lost in just about every conceivable way. Northwestern was the only team to play an AQ opponent and come out victorious as the Wildcats beat Vanderbilt.

Big East: 4-4* (1 Conference game)

Pretty boring weekend in the big east as the only competitive games were snozzers. UConn-NC State and USF-Nevada were the only watchable games.

Big 12: 7-2

The Big 12 had one of the best weekends in all of college football as most of the teams that matter won, the majority of which were won by fairly decent margins. K-State and Collin Klein and company rolled over the once mighty U. Iowa State beat Iowa for the third strait time for the first time since 1984-86. The mighty owls of Rice beat a team down the river. Oklahoma and TCU beat the schools for the deaf and blind respectively. Texas Tech showed that Texas State was a non-factor in the upset alerts. Texas beat Bob Davie's fighting lobos. And Oklahoma State may have some serious issues on defense.

Pac-12: 9-3

Utah and Colorado were very disappointing. Its taking the pirate a little bit of time to get it going in Pullman. Syracuse hung in there with USC until the fourth quarter when the Trojans pulled away. Oregon State and UCLA pulled off upsets of Big 10 teams and to a lesser extent Arizona State beat Illinois. Oregon and Stanford both handled their opponents with ease. Washington had a rough go in Death Valley. And finally Arizona exposed the Cowboys of Oklahoma State.

SEC: 9-5

aTm and Mizzou both lost their conference openers. And the mighty War Hawks of Louisiana-Monroe beat Wild Hogs (pun intended) of Arkansas. Other than those 3 and Vanderbilt getting beat it was business as usual for the SEC.

Bowl Picks

Fiesta Bowl: Kansas State

I am finally a believer in this team as a big 12 championship contender.

Cotton Bowl: West Virgina

Week off, but their offense is good, their defense is questionable at best

Alamo Bowl: Texas

opposite of West Virginia, bad offense, good defense

BWW Bowl: Iowa State

My surprise pick, every week Paul Rhodes impresses me more

Holiday Bowl: Oklahoma

I'm still not a believer in Landry Jones but they will eventually pick up 7-8 wins

Texas Bowl: Oklahoma State

Their offense is slightly above average, their defense has a lot of problems

Pinstipe Bowl: TCU

The Horned Frogs might be good but their still the 8th best team in this league.

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