The National at Midweek, 9/4/12

The Alabama lovefest is on, and it may not end until December 12. (Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE)

You Should Just Prepare Yourselves Now: It took a couple of days for the painful reality to set in, but we're going to be bombarded with All-Alabama, All the Time now. Especially once Kiffykins Kiffins, at which point Alabama-LSU will automagically become the third Game of the Century™ within the space of a year. It being Wednesday, all the usual weekly fare is on the table for you, and thankfully K-State has mostly been ignored altogether this week -- which means that all anyone's going to remember of Saturday's game is "51-9". Onward:

Spencer Hall's Alphabetical

Brian Cook's always-necessary This Week in Schadenfreude

Bill Connelly's Numerical

Bill C also rants about the methodology of September polls, which is a nice segue into:

Over at Team Speed Kills, we have the residue of a fantastic debate between cocknfire and And the Valley Shook's Poseur regarding the relative merits of power polls vs resume balloting.

Samuel Chi's first look at simulated BCS standings

And finally, after the jump, The Blogpoll, where Alabama managed to earn more than the maximum 25 points per blog. Somehow.

College Football Rankings 2011

Results for Week 1

# School Points/blog SD Delta
1 Alabama Crimson Tide (81) 25.16 2.79 --
2 USC Trojans (10) 23.62 0.95 --
3 LSU Tigers 22.16 3.00 --
4 Oregon Ducks (1) 21.60 2.84 --
5 Florida St. Seminoles 18.20 4.94 --
6 West Virginia Mountaineers 17.77 3.09 --
7 Oklahoma Sooners 16.89 4.60 --
8 Georgia Bulldogs 16.86 4.35 --
9 Michigan St. Spartans 16.45 3.09 --
10 Clemson Tigers 15.52 3.35 --
11 Arkansas Razorbacks 14.11 4.93 --
12 South Carolina Gamecocks 14.00 4.34 --
13 Nebraska Cornhuskers 11.65 3.91 --
14 Ohio St. Buckeyes 11.16 5.74 --
15 Oklahoma St. Cowboys (1) 10.56 5.08 --
16 Virginia Tech Hokies 9.77 4.45 --
17 Wisconsin Badgers 9.10 4.84 --
18 Texas Longhorns 8.78 4.76 --
19 Michigan Wolverines 6.10 4.58 --
20 Kansas St. Wildcats 6.07 4.66 --
21 Notre Dame Fighting Irish 5.68 5.45 --
22 TCU Horned Frogs 5.13 4.41 --
23 Louisville Cardinals 4.00 3.87 --
24 Tennessee Volunteers 2.66 4.96 --
25 Stanford Cardinal 2.32 2.87 --
Others Receiving Votes: Ohio Bobcats | Florida Gators | Utah Utes | BYU Cougars | Boise St. Broncos | Baylor Bears | North Carolina Tar Heels | Central Florida Knights | Washington Huskies | Miami Hurricanes | Missouri Tigers | Nevada Wolf Pack | Connecticut Huskies | Duke Blue Devils | Northwestern Wildcats | UCLA Bruins | Iowa St. Cyclones | Mississippi St. Bulldogs | Texas A&M Aggies | South Florida Bulls | Illinois Fighting Illini | Arizona St. Sun Devils | Louisiana Ragin Cajuns | Purdue Boilermakers | Texas Tech Red Raiders | Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets | Western Kentucky Hilltoppers | Iowa Hawkeyes | Utah State Aggies | New Mexico Lobos | Temple Owls | Fresno St. Bulldogs | Colorado St. Rams | Louisiana Tech Bulldogs | Auburn Tigers | New Mexico St. Aggies | N.C. State Wolfpack
Updated: Sep 5, 2012 9:30 AM EDT

SB Nation BlogPoll College Football Rankings 2011

The Missing T is a Real Thing: Those crazy Yellowjackets. They go to your stadium, and next thing you know they've swiped a letter. Because vandalism is cool, especially if you're a nerd.

These Are Not Your Beergut's Aggies: I have been remiss in not issuing a warm welcome to two new SBNation blogs, both of which are replacements for former blogs which, ah, shall we say, "departed the family". Texas A&M is now represented by Good Bull Hunting, which actually has a staff of more than two, and while you may find this hard to believe, they're good smart folks including some I am actually friendly with. (I know. I know.) We've also got a new Auburn blog, College and Magnolia, which is also helmed by decent human beings of my acquaintance and has put together a sizable (and largely professional) staff.

Time for a Little History Lesson: Matt Brown at Land Grant Holy Land takes a look at the history of the Big Ten's forgotten team: The University of Chicago Maroons. You know, the place where the very first Heisman Trophy sits, where Amos Alonzo Stagg once prowled the sideline, where they built a nuclear reactor under the football stadium. Matt doesn't just touch the history, however; he attended last week's game against Beloit and talked to some of the players about their path to D-III. Those stories might surprise you, and the article is a fantastic read. Do NOT miss it.

Oh, It Appears to Be Hate Week In Iowa: Patrick Vint at Black Heart Gold Pants examines how Paul Rhoads spent his summer vacation. To the surprise of precisely nobody, Wide Right Natty Light is fighting back. In spades. When what are arguably the two funniest blogs on SBN take aim at one another, we all win.

Another Day, Another Scandal: This time, at defending FCS champion and current #2-ranked North Dakota State, where eight players are facing charges for faking petition signatures while holding $9/hour jobs where their duties involved collecting, you know, real ones. The eight players involved include four starters, notably their starting running back and half the secondary. They remain eligible pending resolution of the case, but problems ahead, kids. (It could also be ruled an NCAA violation, because the players were arguably being paid for work they did not perform. Granted, the employer thought they were doing the work they were being paid for, and thus the violation doesn't stem from the employer, but still.)

TOG: D-III Recap.

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