BLOGPOLL TOP 25: Guess Who Already Had Michigan Out of the Top 10?

And people said K-State won a bunch of close games it should have lost last year and was overrated?

I imagine SB Nation BlogPoll voters everywhere are scrambling to drop Michigan out of their top 10 right about now.

Luckily, I don't need to be so reactionary because I already had the Wolverines at No. 16, behind even Michigan State and Wisconsin in their own conference. They looked overrated all preseason, and Saturday night confirmed it.

But did they slide even further in my Week 1 draft ballot? Follow the jump to find the answer to that, and much more.

No changes at the top, because unlike the AP and coaches, I was intelligent enough to realize Alabama still is the best team in the country by a decently large margin.

Some adjustment in the top 10, with Arkansas and South Carolina sliding slightly after lackluster performances, and Florida State benefiting from a demolition. Oklahoma is there by default, even though I still don't entirely buy in.

That said, winning on the road is hard, and a K-State fan hardly can give an OU fan grief for his team's slow start. I dinged the Cats slightly for the first half and TCU for being unfortunate enough not to have played.

In the Big Ten, Michigan State and Nebraska impressed, while Wisconsin patently did not. Okie Lite moves up slightly, even though we still know nothing about them. (Savannah State is the worst team in Division I, folks.)

Yes, Virginia Tech won, but that was an ugly game and the Hokies easily could have lost. Not impressed. Louisville, on the other hand looked legit, as did Baylor. I'm feeling good about those early inclusions in my poll.

Michigan probably is somewhere around No. 20 in my mind, but I dropped them to the bottom because I can't in good conscience rank them above any other 1-0 team in Week 1, even if the loss was to the best team in the land.

Ohio State and Notre Dame are new to the poll, and I fully admit I let my hatred biases against both teams impact my preseason rankings last week. Well, that, any my rule against preseason rankings for teams on probation.

Ohio State looks like this year's USC: top five in AP in December, unranked by coaches due to rule, preseason top three next year when eligible for a bowl again. Notre Dame looked surprisingly sound. Brian Kelly sure can coach.

Florida and Stanford both fall out because both looked completely anemic. I was leery about ranking them both last week, and that instinct proved correct.

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