BLOGPOLL TOP 25: Powercats Rising

Purple, get ready to roll!

All right, for all of those who wanted me to be more of a homer, this is the ballot for which you've been clamoring.

The Kansas State Wildcats, having legitimized themselves with their biggest win since December 2003, climb all the way to No. 5 this week, an eight-spot jump that was the largest move in my SB Nation BlogPoll ballot.

Second only to that rise was that of the Oregon State Beavers, who climbed six spots. Unlike most voters, I already had them in, so I didn't have to jump them as much as the AP and coaches polls.

The rest was fairly minor adjustments, which I will detail after the jump.

Oregon and Florida State both looked more impressive than LSU on Saturday, and both have better wins, as well.

Georgia and South Carolina appear to be virtually the same team. Both have blowout wins at home, against Vanderbilt and Missouri respectively, with those opponents flipped in tougher road wins.

(For that matter, Mizzou and Vandy are kind of the same team, too. Both have quarterback controversies, no running game, porous secondaries and questionable game-day coaching. Can't wait until they face off!)

Notre Dame jumps Florida only because the win at Michigan State is a slightly better road win than either of Florida's. At least, I think so at this early date. The truth is that these two teams are more like co-No. 10s.

Most of the other upward moves by the lower-ranked teams were the result of teams ahead of them falling out, not so much anything they did last week.

The exceptions is Rutgers, which has two road wins against pretty bad teams. But that's still a better résumé than anything the teams behind the Scarlet Knights have to date.

Other teams new to this ballot are Texas Tech, which basically plays Iowa State for the right to be No. 22 next week; Louisiana Tech, which quietly is just detonating people; and Minnesota, which is 4-0 against bad teams at home.

Next week will mark the return of at least a few one-loss teams to the poll. Although several are eligible this week at 3-1, priority goes to undefeated teams who have defeated at least one BCS team this season.

Twenty-five of those are ranked, with one (Cincinnati) just outside the poll because the Bearcats' sole BCS win is over woeful Pittsburgh and they looked pretty bad in their other game. Just two such wins doesn't get you in yet.

That leaves Texas-San Antonio as the only other undefeated team not ranked, and with a collection of wins over FCS and Division II teams, it will be a cold day in hell before the Roadrunners sniff my ballot.

The one-loss team waiting list currently looks like this: Arizona, Clemson, Miami, USC, Michigan State, Tennessee, UCLA, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Arizona State and Virginia Tech.

I'm sure some are questioning the omission of Oklahoma from that list. At just 2-1, with an unimpressive win at UTEP and a beating of a bad Florida A&M team, the Sooners have to prove they deserve inclusion on the field.

Beat Texas Tech in Lubbock in two weeks, Stoopses, and then we'll talk.

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