BLOGPOLL TOP 25: SEC Stumbling, Pac-12 Rising, Big Ten Bumbling

I think we pretty much knew these guys were overrated all preseason, didn't we? You just don't lose the players they lost and not drop off.

I predict the SB Nation BlogPoll will look just a shade different this week, don't you think?

An embarrassing semi-home loss by Arkansas to Louisiana-Monroe slightly covered over the fact that SEC rookies Missouri and Texas A&M were not quite ready for prime time.

They did not receive AP votes this week, which means they do not count as quality wins in my ranking system for Florida and Georgia. Trololololol.

Out west, everyone's suddenly high on Arizona, Arizona State, Oregon State and UCLA after they clowned overrated Big Ten teams and a completely untested, true-freshman driven Oklahoma State squad.

But does the Pac-12 truly have depth to test Oregon and USC (still inexplicably ranked No. 2 in the AP poll despite LSU looking about 10 times as impressive), or is it an artifact of early scheduling and home-field advantage?

One thing's for sure: They all have wins on their schedule with woeful Colorado, possibly the worst team in the BCS, and suddenly shaky and quarterback-less Utah, which lost to a team in a conference that won't exist next year.

So how did I sort out all of the chaos? With great glee in punishing the Big Ten across the board, let me tell you.

Follow the jump for more specifics and explanation.

As I indicated above the jump, LSU earned the right to leapfrog USC based on its demolition of the Trojans' conference mate and their uninspiring defensive showing against a marginal Syracuse team.

I jumped K-State over Michigan State and Ohio State because A) I am a shameless homer and B) I cannot possibly rank any Big Ten team, no matter how impressive-looking, in the top 10 right now because of the other debacles.

I probably overreacted last week re: Florida, so I've corrected that misstep. Louisville jumps Notre Dame by dint of a more impressive pair of outings. I thought the Irish should have beat a Big Ten team worse than they did.

I feel pretty good about my top 20. After that, though, I have no idea. So I just threw the five western teams into a pack and they can figure it out during the next few weeks. Arizona State and Tennessee top my waiting list.

Michigan drops out because Air Force probably should have won, and because the Wolverines have looked totally impressive in their two games. I probably should have dropped them last week.

In fact, I think I automatically will drop a team out after a loss in September from now on. As you can see, I did that already with everyone else that lost last week.

They can come back in October by going 3-1 this month, but there's just too many teams such as Ohio and ULM who have done more on the field to merit inclusion at this early stage of the season.

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