The National, 7/11/12: Diablerie for All.

Ignore the late Macho Man for a moment, and cast your eyes up. Now imagine Spidey in a cardinal and yellow costume on t-shirts in Ames. (Photo by Vince Bucci/Getty Images)

You Must Read This: Courtesy of the inestimable Bruce Feldman: City College of San Francisco football coach George Rush is hopping mad about an NCAA regulation requiring JUCO transfers to pass two English classes and one Math class in order to transfer to a four-year NCAA institution. That seems like a sensible requirement... except it's not a requirement that applies to regular students, and Rush is accusing the NCAA of hypocritically not caring about student-athletes at all. Needs more attention.

This Will End Badly, And Someone Will Die: Marvel Comics and Russell Athletic are teaming up to provide licensed apparel at colleges, with Marvel characters depicted in school colors. Thor in purple doesn't seem to be too much of a stretch, but some possibilities simply make me recoil in horror: Captain America in the orange and green of Miami. Daredevil in Oregon green. Just imagine the Iron Man shirts in Laramie, Wyoming.

But the most troublesome possibility, of course, is the spectre of seeing Wolverine in scarlet and gray. Wars have been started over less.

Good News, Bad News: Tom Fornelli at CBS has simulated the 2013 season on the newly-released NCAA Football '13. The good news: K-State rolled through the regular season totally unscathed, and reached the BCS Championship Game. The bad news: K-State lost the BCS title game to... Arkansas. NEWMAN!

An Honor of Which We Can Only Dream Wistfully: Maker's Mark is releasing a limited edition Charlie Strong bottle. Alas, it's just a bottle with his picture on the label, which just serves to remind me of all the still-unopened booze my mom has in bottles shaped like Elvis Presley.

Athletes on Twitter: First, we have Michigan State punter Mike Sadler complaining about... well, being a punter, if we're honest:

Then there's Nebraska's Eric Martin, who launched into an epic twitterant about not yet having received his (totally legal) cash money. Not to be missed.

The Exodus Continues?: Already having lost Michelle Beadle and Erin Andrews, ESPN might lose another extremely popular yet not overhyped talent -- namely, that guy we wanted as our basketball coach. Doug Gottlieb has reportedly received a serious multi-platform offer from CBS Sports, including anchoring their new radio network, and his contract with the Worldwide Leader expires in September.

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