BOTC XBOX Dynasty Season 2 Preview

After an exciting season of Online NCAA Football, we are finally set to begin our Second Season! We wrapped up last year with ChrisP Wildcat winning the National Championship game as Baylor vs RMartell as San Diego State. ChrisP Wildcat then jumped ship for Penn State and their #2 recruiting class.

Everyone else held steady and remained with their previous school. There was much talk of expansion during the off-season to 8 or 10 players, but the impending release of NCAA '13 and the onset of Summer held membership growth in check.

So, what can we expect of our user teams this year? Read on to find out!

Player: ChrisP Wildcat
Team: Penn State

Coach: Christopher Powell

Rank: #10

Overview: After hauling in the #2 recruiting class in the nation and returning several starters on offense and defense, Penn State looks to be a solid title contender. With a solid non-con schedule lined up against user team #20 ranked UCLA in week 3 and #8 ranked aTm in week 4, the Nittany Lions have a little leeway to drop a game and still remain in contention.


Player: d_stout
Team: UCLA
Coach: Dan Stout

Rank: #20

Overview: After winning their bowl game against Ohio State, Stout and the Bruins hope to take their team to the next step this season and win a national championship. That will not be easy, however, as they have to travel to Happy Valley to take on Penn State in their return game with user ChrisP Wildcat. With a non-con composed entirely of Big 10 teams (sorry, I have no idea what I was thinking), Stout hopes to back up his boast from last season, " matter how bad UCLA is, they should beat that monstrosity of overrated bastards that are the Big 10."


Player: MeatGeek
Team: Troy
Coach: New Coach
Rank: UR

Overview: After setting all kinds of records for ridiculous last season, Troy starts of their second season with Coach Coach with a bit of a punch. #22 NC State visits to kick off the season, but not until week 4. After that Troy has to take on user team Southern Miss and immediately follow that up with a visit from #24 Stanford. All the games are home, which should help tremendously, and if Troy sweeps those games as expected there should be no doubt that they then proceed to run the table and secure a spot in the title game.


Player: RMartell
Team: San Diego State
Coach: Richie Martell

Rank: UR

Overview: Despite an appearance in the National Title game against user team Baylor, SDSU is unranked to start the season. However, a strong non-conference schedule (starting off with #18 Michigan at home) guarantees that if they win out they will be in discussion for a repeat spot in the national title game. The rivalry game in Week 4 vs user team Fresno State could be a stumbling block.

Player: BvilleCat
Team: Southern Miss
Coach: Tallahassee Doubletap

Rank: UR

Overview:Southern Miss kicks off the season with a brutal slate of home games vs #24 Stanford, #21 Virginia Tech, #18 Michigan, and concluding with user team Troy. However, given the soft nature of Conference USA, the schedule was necessary to secure a B+ SOS rating. The Golden Eagles will no doubt be in National Championship talk as well if they manage to win out.


Player: Jeremy Sharp
Team: Fresno State
Coach: Tyrion Lannister
Rank: UR

Overview: After rough start to his introduction to college football, Coach Lannister is expecting big improvements in his second season. It won't be easy, with home games against #12 Auburn and USC to start off the schedule before the rivalry game against user team San Diego State in week 4, but if the Bulldogs can push through they definitely could look to bring home a national title.

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