Summer Film Breakdowns: Baylor vs. K-State

In the first part of the Summer Film Breakdown series, the Baylor game will get broken down quarter by quarter, as I give stats, and give individual and unit grades for the cats. I will do my best to get 1-2 of these up a week I will be starting with the Baylor, Texas A&M, Missouri, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State games as they are all available through ESPN3 which I have discovered is faster and often more reliable than So here we go.

1st Quarter: K-State 13 Baylor 7


Passing: K-State 48 Baylor 32

Rushing: K-State 66 Baylor 41

Total: K-State 114 Baylor 73

T.O.P: K-State 12:10 Baylor 2:50

TO: K-State 0 Baylor 1

For the rest of film breakdown keep reading after the jump for more stats, unit and individual grades.

Unit Grades

Offense- A-: The offense did almost exactly what they were supposed to in the first quarter by limiting Baylor to just 2:50 of offense. But they get an A- for getting into the redzone 3 times but only managed to come up with 13 points.

Defense- Incomplete: It is really hard to judge a defense when the longest time they were on the field was 1:48. They did do a pretty good job for the during the time that they were on the field as they forced did force a punt in one of their two chances to stop the defense. (note: there just was not enough time to make a good judgement of the defense)

Special Teams- A-: The special teams got off to a rough start allowing the opening kickoff to go back for 50 yards, but then they got it together as Jared Loomis forced a turnover on the next kickoff and Anthony Cantele accounted for the final 7 points to close out the quarter.

Individual Grades (in this segment I'll give grades for players who made an impact, good or bad, in this quarter)

Collin Klein- A: Klein was pretty good in the first quarter as he went 5/8 for 48 yards and a TD through the air and rushed for 23 yards.

John Hubert- A+: You really couldn't have expected Hubert to have a much better opening quarter as he rushed 6 times for 23 yards and caught 2 passes for 39 yards and TD.

Things I liked

Avoiding negative plays- K-State did an excellent job of avoiding negative plays as there were no plays for loss and only 3 incompletions in the first quarter.

Controlling the clock- With an offense as explosive and dangerous as Baylor the best place for them to be (at least from an opposing teams view point) is on the sideline. I'm not sure when the last time K-State had a double digit T.O.P after the first quarter, but it can't be all that frequent.

Things to improve

Finishing drives with touchdowns- 1 TD in 3 trips to the endzone is just not good enough on instead of a 14 point lead the lead is only at 6. It's good that we managed to get points up but we should have at least gotten one more TD.

2ed Quarter: K-State 19 Baylor 21

Stats (game totals in parenthesis)

Passing: K-State 63 (111) Baylor 186 (218)

Rushing: K-State 8 (74) Baylor 11 (52)

Total: K-State 71 (185) Baylor 197 (270)

T.O.P: K-State 8:48 (20:58) Baylor 6:12 (9:02)

TO: K-State 0 (0) Baylor 1 (2)

Unit Grades

Offense- C-: Every time it seemed like the offense got something going a bad drive killing play almost always occurred shorty after including multiple sacks on Colin Klein. They also failed to capitalize on a turnover in opposing territory.

Defense-C+: I could make an argument of this grade being lower as the Defense surrendered 14 points in two drives that spanned a combined 2:28 and had scoring plays of 43 and 42 yards. But they did come up with a well timed turnover but the offense failed to turn it into points.

Special Teams- C: The special teams did an average job at best in the second quarter as they did a better job of covering kickoffs and punts but did miss a field goal.

Individual Grades

Collin Klein- C: Compared to the first quarter Collin Klein was not very good at all as he took several sacks and threw a slew of incompletions. The silver lining of the quarter for Klein was the beauty of the touchdown pass to Chris Harper

Arthur Brown- B: Arthur and the linebacking corps as a whole did a pretty good job of limiting Baylor from running up the middle.

Things I liked

Linebackers making plays- As I said above the linebackers were the one good thing about the defense in this quarter as they prevented big runs and came up with a key fumble.

Forcing mistakes- For the second consecutive quarter the defense came up with a fumble and forced Baylor's offense to false start.

Things to improve

Secondary getting burned- In both of the touchdown passes, the receiver found a huge mismatch and exploited it with it for over 40 yards.

Offensive tempo- This is directed at both sides of the ball, as K-State's offense never got into a consistent tempo and the defense allowed Baylor to get into several long drives, most of which ended in points.

3ed Quarter: K-State 26 Baylor 35


Passing: K-State 14 (125) Baylor 112 (330)

Rushing: K-State 135 (208) Baylor 48 (100)

Total: K-State 149 (333) Baylor 160 (430)

T.O.P: K-State 9:03 (30:01) Baylor 5:57 (14:59)

TO: K-State 1 (1) Baylor 0 (2)

Unit Grades

Offense- B: Despite only scoring 7 points I still give the offense a B as they ran very well throughout and ate up a lot of clock. Klein, Pease and Hubert all had great runs at one time or another in the quarter. What really brought the offense down were the mistakes by Braden Wilson holding and then by Collin Klein throwing an interception.

Defense- C: The defense was just not very good in this quarter allowing TD passes of 34 and 35 yards to Kendall right. I once had a coach tell me that the best indicator of defensive success is the linebackers, if the linebackers consistently show up in the film than the defense is usually doing well, unfortunately for K-State the linebackers were largely absent from most of the game film.

Special teams- Incomplete: The special teams did very little in the third quarter as most of kickoffs and punts were fair caught.

Individual Grades

Collin Klein- B: Klein had a pretty good quarter rushing but as far as passing goes it would be one to forget as he only had 2 completions for 14 yards and an interception.

John Hubert and Angelo Pease- A: These two were great all through the third quarter as them and Klein went did a really good job of getting yards and eating up the clock unfortunately they were only able to come up with 1 TD in the quarter.

Arthur Brown- D: Like I said above the more you see the linebackers the better the defense usually is and Arthur and most of the linebacking corps were absent from the film and when they did show up it usually did not end well as Tre Walker delivered a late hit on Robert Griffin.

Things I liked

Run Plays- Klein, Hubert and Pease all had great runs as K-State got 135 yards on the ground during the third quarter. Unfortunately they were only able to turn one long drive into a touchdown.

Defensive line pressure- Meshak Williams laid a great hit on Robert Griffin midway through the third quarter and from then on it was evident that he was playing scared and flustered.

Things to improve

Disappearance of Linebackers- The linebackers were absent for most of the third quarter and Arthur Brown and when they did show up it was often not good. Good linebacking is usually the key to good defenses and they need to be more involved.

Penalties- The third quarter was the first in the game where K-State out gained Baylor in penalty yardage. And the worst part was most were stupid mistakes, Braden Wilson holding, Tre Walker with a late hit and Vai Lutui going offsides.

4th Quarter: K-State 36 Baylor 35


Passing: K-State 19 (146) Baylor 16 (346)

Rushing: K-State 34 (242) Baylor 10 (110)

Total: K-State 53 (388) Baylor 26 (456)

T.O.P: K-State 7:56 (37:57) Baylor 7:04 (22:03)

TO: K-State 0 (1) Baylor 1 (3)

Unit Grades

Offense- A: Collin Klein and the offense did exactly what they were supposed to do in the fourth quarter as the Junior led the offense on drives of 70 and 31 yards to give the cats a 1 point lead.

Defense- A++: For the defense the fourth quarter was probably the best quarter in a long time as they came up with two 4 and outs, one ending with a missed field goal and the other ending with a pass being knocked down at the line of scrimmage. And then there was the interception, to say Arthur Brown came up in the clutch by picking off Arthur Brown with 5:26 left in the game would simply be selling it short. Brown's late game heroics almost certainly lifted K-State to a victory.

Special Teams- A: The special teams did exactly what would be expected of them and ultimately the cats would need every single extra point and field goal to come out on top.

Individual Grades

Collin Klein- A+: Klein was flawless in the fourth quarter as he led the offense on two great drives, a touchdown and ultimately a victory.

Arthur Brown- A+: I'm sure just about everyone would have been perfectly content after he picked off Robert Griffin for the first time this year, but if that wasn't enough Brown would then come up with a clutch sack that prevented Griffin from rolling out of the pocket and possibly finding a receiver.

Things I like

Re-emergence of linebackers/defensive line- As bad as I made the linebackers out to be in the last quarter they were nearly perfect in the fourth quarter as Arthur Brown made every play necessary including the interception and sack of Robert Griffin. Jordan Voleker also played a huge role in the comeback as he knocked down the final pass of Griffin and effectively ended the game.

Defense locking down- The wildcat defense locked down the down Baylor's offense in the fourth quarter holding them to just 26 yards and no points.

Things to improve

Hubert's blocking- This is the only down point of the fourth quarter as Hubert missed a block and allowed a hard hit on Klein during the field goal drive.

I should have another one of these out next week.

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