The National, 5/24/12: Comic Book Villains!

It's John Calipari's new best friend! (Credit: Richard Mackson-US PRESSWIRE)

Look, It's The Masters of Evil!: John Calipari is getting quite creative in his scheduling over at Kentucky. He's trying to round up high-profile neutral-site games, including negotiating towards a potential multi-year deal with Duke and getting North Carolina back on the schedule. But the real humdinger in all of this: a home-and-Dallas series with Baylor, which will allow us the thrill of watching Calipari and Scott Drew on the same court. (Could someone please clean Panjandrum's brains off the wall? Thanks.)

Today's Realignment Jabber: Notre Dame remains committed to the Big East, says Jack Swarbrick, and I completely believe him at least until tomorrow. Meanwhile, the Big East is committed to BYU. Or Air Force. Or, really, anyone they can get in order to field 14 teams in 2015. Virginia Tech and Georgia Tech both deny any interest in leaving the ACC, and oh yeah, the ACC's looking to put together a blockbuster bowl deal like the "Champions Bowl". Clemson, on the other hand, is quite clearly not committed to the ACC, at least not today. Their BoT will be getting together to decide whether they are or not. John Swofford? Not worried, because gosh everyone says they're committed and nobody'd ever lie about that. Summing it all up: Pat Forde.

Lastly, a point I had not considered yesterday when noting the Sun Belt's decision to decline further expansion at this time: New Orleans, who had been intending to drop to D-II and launch a football program before changing their mind about the D-II thing, may still be intending to start football. If so, the Sun Belt would need a space for them, and their decision to stay at 10 for now may be an indication of UNO's plans.

(Edit: I had forgotten that UNO had already left the Sun Belt, and are now an independent; their most likely destination at this point appears to be the Southland, making the above nonsense... nonsense.)

Either He's Pandering, Or [Turns Into Sally Field]: Spencer Hall decided to open the phone lines on Twitter last night, promising drunken truth in response to questions. I couldn't resist.


I'm positive, however, that if Schnelly hadn't retired, he'd have said Florida International. I, on the other hand, would have said "Idaho or New Mexico State," because I am an avatar of chaos.

Diablerie: Reeves Nelson, angry at the Sports Illustrated piece on UCLA by George Dorhmann from March which sort of painted him as a Bad Person, is suing people's pants off. His attorney is familiar with representing the pantsless. ... The Crossroads Classic, featuring Purdue, Indiana, Butler, and Notre Dame, will continue for at least three more years. ... Arizona's getting shiny copper helmets. Y'know, I gotta admit, I kinda like them. ... How much would you pay to be on a fishing boat with Bob Huggins and Dana Holgorsen? No, really? ... Ohio State will now be providing its student-athletes with iPads so that they can, I dunno, play Angry Birds I guess. (Seriously, shouldn't they have to give them to ALL their students?)

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