BOTC Dynasty - Mid-Season Report

Week 8 has arrived (and flew right on by, so technically, this is happening after Week 9). How have the various BOTC teams fared? Have they lived up to the pre-season expectations, or have they floundered and wallowed in mediocrity? Who is the best? Who is the most BOLD and DARING?

The answers to these question(s) and more await you below!

Player: RMartell
Team: San Diego State
Coach: Richie Martell
Record: 8-0 (3-0)
BCS Ranking: #4

Recap: After getting eliminated from Champions League Barce… San Diego St has focused more on their football schedule and has happened to stumble it’s way unto an undefeated season (so far…) and a #8 ranking in the world… er... country. Champ Thomas has been the team's work horse, second in the NCAA in rushing yards with 1,004 and 9 TDs. Early victories over top-ten ranked teams Stanford and TCU led to a meteoric rise in the rankings for the as yet undefeated Aztecs. The last test for SDSU is #2 ranked Boise State in week 12, provided they don't stumble against New Mexico or Colorado State in the interim.

SDSU was able to hold Lannister and the Fresno State Bulldogs to zero points in their victory earlier this season.


Player: ChrisP Wildcat
Team: Baylor
Coach: Christopher Powell
Record: 7-0 (4-0)
BCS Ranking: #5

Recap: Rising to a #5 ranking after skin-of-the-teeth victories over then #4 Texas A&M and Oklahoma State, Coach Powell has his Bears poised for a conference title and a shot at the national championship. All he has to do is get by the #1 ranked Oklahoma Sooners. Led by sensational QB Evan Boyd and his 200.8 QB rating and 68% completion percentage, Baylor has been unable to escape the cloud of Freezegate. When asked what exactly Coach Powell meant by the game "freezing" at the end of the first match between the two teams, he was evasive in his answer, "I mean, you know, when you can't call the plays or move the players and stuff. You know how that happens all the time, right? I know it was very convenient for us, but still, I'm serious! The game froze!"

Investigators are currently looking into the case, as many outside observers feel that the scenario Powell is describing more closely resembles "pause" than "froze". No word from the NCAA on whether an infraction would result in vacated wins for the season.


Player: d_stout
Team: UCLA
Coach: Dan Stout
Record: 7-1 (5-0)
BCS Ranking: #15

Recap: Despite the insanity of the coaching staff the team has come together under the leadership of Red shirt Junior Byrant Miles. Leading the nation in rushing touchdowns with 17 and ranking first in the nation in yards rushed, Miles is carrying the team on his back.

So far their only lose has been earned by bad coaching on UCLAs part and great gameplan and ball game played by the Baylor squad (as if anyone questioned that would be the case!). Beyond that lose, the defense has yet to give up more than 14 points in any game. They have defeated many teams that were ranked at the time, including Nebraska, Oregon State, Stanford and Arizona. While their national championship hopes are gone at this point, there is starting to be a buzz around campus about a few developments:

1. Miles is in the Heisman discussion and UCLA has started a media blitzkrieg.
2. Pac 12 championship is within reach if they just take care of business
3. Should be Rose Bowl bound

Coming from an inferior conference no one expects them to be in the national championship discussion anytime soon, but if things keep going the way they are now, should expect a BCS Rose bowl appearance.


Player: MeatGeek
Team: Troy
Coach: New Coach
Record: 7-0 (4-0)
BCS Ranking: Unranked

Recap: Despite scoring 52.5 points a game and only allowing a meager 2.8 points to opponents, Troy has only managed to accrue "Also Receiving Votes" mentions in the national polls. After throwing for 2,366 yard and 32 TDs, Troy QBDeShawn Carter has received exactly zero media buzz. Many speculate the exceptionally weak scheduling tactics that Troy has employed has led to a lack of respect from voters, but Coach Coach was undeterred, even submitting a proposal to the NCAA asking for permission to play high school teams.

"It is an absolute injustice that teams are not allowed to schedule any team they so choose, whether that be a college team, a high school team, or hell, even a Pop Warner team. I thought this was 'murrica!"

Troy has defeated nobody of note as yet this season, excepting Southern Miss. (Segue!)


Player: BvilleCat
Team: Southern Miss
Coach: Tallahassee Doubletap

Record: 7-1 (4-0)
BCS Ranking: Unranked

Recap: What the Golden Eagles lack in offensive production they make up with flare for the dramatic. Although averaging just 15.3 pts and 296 yds per game on offense the defense has led the team to a 5-1 record giving up just 7.2 pts and 206 yds per game.

The highlights of the year include a last second field goal win over then ranked Michigan State and a game saving goal line stand against #18 Mississippi State.

The running game has had to endure the loss of their top back for 5 weeks while dropped passes and sacks continue to plague the passing game. “Ole’” seems to be the battle cry of the Southern Miss O-line.

The Conference USA championship is still very much in play and hopefully a top 25 ranking will come soon with two top 25 victories and more wins on the way. Likely holding the Golden Eagles back from a national ranking is an unseemly close loss to stats-bloated Troy.


Player: Jeremy Sharp
Team: Fresno State
Coach: Tyrion Lannister

Record: 4-3 (2-1)
BCS Ranking: Unranked

Recap: Despite an early season loss to Duke, the Bulldogs seemed to right their ship the very next week with a win over a ranked Georgia squad in the Battle of the Bulldogs. However, a shut-out against SDSU was a harbinger of an inconsistent offense, and the Bulldogs lost for a third time this season to bottom feeder Nevada after only scoring 1 TD. Coach Lannister was at a loss for words to describe what has gone wrong this season.

"I'm at a loss for words, which, coming from me, is saying something. I mean, I've played the Game of Thrones, and I am a natural at cyvasse, how difficult could this 'NCAA football' thing be?"

With only one conference loss, the Bulldogs are still in the running for a WAC title.

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