Position Breakdowns: Receivers

In the third part of the position breakdown series I will breakdown the wide receivers and tight ends, provide a full depth chart, give the level of expected competition, and give stats from last year. We'll start off with the depth chart.

WR Depth Chart

3 Chris Harper 6-1 229 Sr Starter

16 Tyler Lockett 5-11 175 So Starter

86 Tramaine Thompson 5-8 167 Jr Starter

87 Marquez Clark 6-0 180 Jr Starter

14 Curry Sexton 5-11 186 So Second String

88 Torell Miller 6-2 214 Jr Second String

81 Kyle Klein 6-3 217 So Second String

12 Stanton Weber 6-0 176 rsFr Third string/Scout Team

26 Cody Harrison 5-6 158 So Third String/Scout Team

13 Steven West 6-0 196 Fr Third String/Scout Team

32 Logan Stephens 6-2 200 Jr Scout Team

2 Stephen Johnson 5-9 155 Jr Scout Team

21 Destin Mosley 5-7 176 rsFr Scout Team

25 Dylan Veatch 5-11 195 So Scout Team

For write up and the TE depth chart (which I promise is much shorter) keep reading after the jump.

TE Depth Chart

80 Travis Tannahill 6-3 253 Sr Starter

85 Zach Trujillo 6-4 249 So Starter

18 Andre McDonald 6-8 264 Jr Second String

89 Zach Nemachek 6-3 242 So Second String

48 Glenn Gronkowski 6-3 225 Fr Third String/Scout Team

47 William Green 6-3 258 rsJr Third String/Scout team

WR Stats

Chris Harper- 40 recs, 547 yds, 5 TDs

Tramaine Thompson- 21 recs, 338 yds, 1 TD

Tyler Lockett- 18 recs, 246 yds, 3 TDs

Torell Miller- 4 recs, 54 yds, 0 TD

Curry Sexton- 4 recs, 43 yds, 0 TD

TE Stats

Andre McDonald- 9 recs, 136 yds, 1 TD

Travis Tannahill- 10 recs, 104yds, 1 TD

Spring Competition: WR 3 TE 2 (1(none)-10(complete))

Last year Chris Harper did an excellent job of serving as Collin Klein's primary receiver and sideline confidant, proving his worth as an ex-5 star recruit in games against EKU and Texas A&M. Tyler Lockett is also showing that he is as good if not better than his father and uncle as he showed he was effective through the air, in the return game, and against Oklahoma State, when he was unfortunately taken out for the season, on the ground. For Lockett the sky is truly the limit and it will be really exciting to see what he does next year. Tramaine Thompson did a great job of overcoming an injury early on and coming back for a great game against Iowa State, and while he didn't score very much he got quite a few yards. Marquez Clark apparently is not participating in spring practice but I would expect him to contribute right away when he does get to campus this fall. Curry Sexton did a great job as a true freshman last year and It would be great to see him continue with that progress. As for the rest of receivers it is entirely possible that they could all contribute as we went 6 deep last season, but with Sheldon Smith graduating and Brodrick Smith leaving the program it is also possible that the corps of receivers that were active around from the Texas Tech to Texas A&M games will be the one we see most of the season, so don't read into third team/scout team and below too much.

As for tight ends Travis Tannahill has done a spectacular job over the past 3 years, and is in my opinion one of if not the most underrated TEs in the Big 12. Andre McDonald is apparently in the dog house so Zach Trujillo is the second first stringer, but just from how big McDonald is it is hard to underestimate him. Also it appears that Gronkowski has switched over to TE and is doing a pretty good job, but he is young so he isn't too high up on the depth chart.

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