The National, 4/20/12: Practicing Celebrations.

You Should Always Practice Trick Plays You May Never Need: This video from the junior college down the road has one of the most hilarious bits ever. At about 1:30, The Charles exhorts his troops to... celebrate better. Yes, that's right; the Chickenhawks are so unfamiliar with success on the football field that they don't know how to properly exult. (via Rustin Dodd at the Star's Campus Corner)

Well, Make Up Your Minds: About a month ago, both VCU and George Mason denied that they were even talking to the Atlantic 10. Now Lenn Robbins of the New York Post is tweeting that they're joining the Atlantic 10 on May 1. Butler is still in play as well. Stay tuned.

Well, Make Up Your Minds (redux): Earlier this week, the inestimable Brett McMurphy reported that Mount America was dead (for now). Today, UNLV president Neal Smatresk says, "Not so fast." I still expect that the merger won't go through yet, for reasons I outlined earlier (revenue distribution issues).

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Oops: The person responsible for shattering Alabama's BCS trophy has been identified, and he's the father of long-snapper Carson Tinker. Kinda puts Alabama's inability to kick field goals in a different light, I guess.

I Give It Two Seasons: Larry Brown has confirmed that he is the new coach at SMU, which I am sure will be a long and productive relationship leading to multiple championships and Brown's name forever being synonymous with the Mustangs.

Sic Semper Tyranus: Bo Ryan has relented in the face of public pressure, so we now turn our attention to... ah, the closest Division I school to this keyboard. Tulsa AD Ross Parmley has now thrown a laundry list of no-sirs at transferring guard Jordan Clarkson. (New coach Danny Manning is, apparently, uninvolved in the nonsense.)

Presented Without Salacious Comment: Details of Bobby Petrino's discussions with Jeff Long have surfaced, and included are details about his affair. I'll take the high road and point out the actual sports-related content: it appears that Long really, really wanted to not fire Petrino, but the coach simply wouldn't take the rope off his own neck.

Memphis Committed a Violation? NO WAY!: Josh Pastner accidentally committed a secondary violation Tuesday night, and the explanation is entertaining.

Grantland Discovers MACtion: Nice piece about the MAC over at Grantland, with a nod to Hustle Belt's Matt Sussman.

Speaking of SBN Blogs: Ohio State has a new one, Land-Grant Holy Land, helmed by Jeff Zimmerman from the EDSBS team. That in and of itself is a recommendation.

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