BOTC NCAA Football '1? Online Dynasty (on Xbox)

OK! Interest was expressed amongst the misty threads of commentary to start on online dynasty composed of BOTC members. This thread is intended to flesh out some rules. I will update the rules as we decide on them.

You can vote for rules either by explicitly stating support for a rule in the comments or by rec'ing somebody else's rule.


1. Must own an Xbox. This is necessary for me to be involved.
---a) Must have an Xbox live account. Sorry, but them's the brakes.
2. Members do not have to be part of the same conference.

Team Selection

1. Nobody can be K-State.
2. Nobody can be KU. (We don't want them to be good)
3. Must pick a 2 star team or less. (To begin with. Once your Coach Prestige grows, you can move on to better and better schools during the coaching carousel in the off-season.)
4. No user-created teams.
5. Don't forget to create a cool coach name. Be creative. Shame me for just using my boring old real name. Best name gets the undying admiration and respect of his peers. Worst name will be the butt of jokes for eons to come.


1. Mizzou and aTm will be moved to the SEC East and West, respectively. Unless someone wants to take the time to tell me what all the new protected rivalries are, we will just make Mizzou and aTm rivals.
2. TCU, WVU, Louisville and Cincy will be moved to the Big 12, unless we want to bring in Notre Dame to massage our egos and leave Cincy in the Big East.
3. Syracuse and Pitt will be moved to the ACC. I have no desire look into the correct divisions for the new ACC.
4. The Big East will bring in SDSU, Boise, Air Force, and the other schools that are joining the Big East in football but who I can't remember.
4. The other conferences will be left to languish in obscurity. Sorry jonfmorse.

Difficulty Level

1. Gameplay: All American
2. Recruiting:All-American


1. Coaching Contracts ON.
2. You can only be a head coach, non of this coordinator bullshit.

Week Length

1. Two days to recruit and play your game.
2. Extra time can be given to allow for user vs user scheduling.


Users must play one user-v-user game each season in the non-con, unless all users have made their way into the same conference.

If only one or two users are in a different conference, then they are the only ones who have to abide by this rule.

Basically, just use your common sense.

The Commish has to mess with custom schedules, so schedules will be created on a first-come first serve basis once we finalize all the details.

Game Settings

1. 5 minute quarters.
2. Injuries ON.
3. Penalties ON.
4. Accelerated Gameclock ALLOWED.

User-User Gameplay Conduct

1. Only go for it on 4th down in realistic situations:
---a) It is 4th and 2 or less AND you are past the 50 yard line
---b) It is the final 30 seconds of the first half AND you are past your own 30 yard line.
---c) It is the fourth quarter. This quarter is fair game for 4th down conversion attempts.

2. Only attempt 2pt conversions in realistic situations (3, 7 or 8 points striking distance, 3 or 7 point leads):
---a) The 2pt conversion will bring the difference between scores to a full score, ie:
-------i) After scoring a TD you are down by 5 and the 2pt conversion will bring you within 3.
-------ii) After scoring a TD you are up by 5 and the 2pt conversion will increase your lead to a TD and XP.
-------iii) Other similar variations on the scenarios outlined above.
---b) It is the fourth quarter. This quarter is complete anarchy.

3. When leading by three or more touchdowns in the 4th quarter, absolutely no deep bombs allowed. In general, don't maliciously try to run up the score late in the game of a blow-out. Be nice, we are all very sensitive people here.


Email me your desired non-con schedules at ccp5959 (at) gmail (dot) com. First come first serve.

Latest changes are noted in italics.

All comments, FanPosts and FanShots reflect only the view of the user creating them.

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