Position Breakdowns: Running Backs

In the second part of the position breakdown series I will breakdown the running backs and full backs, provide a full depth chart, give the level of expected competition, and give stats from last year. We'll start off with the depth chart.

RB Depth Chart

33 John Hubert Jr 5-7 185 Starter

29 Angelo Pease 5-11 Sr 215 Second String/Wildcat QB

20 DeMarcus Robinson 5-6 191 rsFr Third string

28 Robert Rose 5-4 173 Jr Third string scout team

N/A Javris Leverett 5-11 200 Fr (probable redshirt)

N/A Charles Jones 5-11 180 Fr (probable grayshirt)

FB Depth Chart

37 Braden Wilson 6-3 255 Sr Starter

39 Jay Hanley 6-0 241 Sr Second string

27 Brad Duncan 6-1 232 Fr Third string

36 Ben Kall 5-9 222 Sr Third string

34 Aaron Norris 6-0 230 Fr Fourth string

N/A Glenn Gronkowski 6-3 235 Fr (probable redshirt)

For more analysis keep reading after the jump.

RB stats from 2011

John Hubert- Rushing 970 yards 3 TD, Receiving 188 yards 1 TD

Angelo Pease- Rushing 144 yards 1 TD

Robert Rose- Rushing 35 yards

FB Stats

Braden Wilson- Rushing 15 yards, Receiving 14 yards

Spring competition: RB 4 FB 1

John Hubert did a fantastic job as the starting RB last season. Hubert came through in several games (Miami and Iowa State come to mind) statistically, but in almost every game he did great job of blocking Collin Klein in the backfield while he found a hole or receiver. Angelo Pease did a fairly decent job of running the wildcat last season but don't be surprised to see redshirt freshman Daniel Sams lineup in that formation this year as he has great speed and can also pass. The likely backup to John Hubert this season will be DeMarcus Robinson but it just seems like every year we expect him to come in and be great and he just dissapoints so it may be a bit of a stretch to expect him to come through this year. At FB Braden Wilson has pretty much locked his spot down, as he did a great job blocking for Collin Klein and John Hubert last year. I would expect John Hubert to give up a little playing time this year to Robinson or Pease but it is awfully hard to find a reason to take snaps away from a guy who rushed for almost 1,000 yards the season before.

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