Position Breakdowns: Quarterbacks

In this series I will break down the individual positions (QB, RB, WR/TE, OL, DL, LB, Secondary, Specialists). I'll give stats and how much competition there will be at the position on a scale from 1 to 10 (1 being locked down 10 being no clear leader). I will start out by breaking down what is arguably the most important position in football: the Quarterback.

QB depth chart

7 Collin Klein 6-5 225 Sr, Starter

4 Daniel Sams 6-2 210 rsFr, Second String

N/A Tay Bender 6-2 210 Fr, probably redshirt, Scout team QB

15 Sam Johnson 5-11 215 rsFr, Third team/Scout team QB (Scout team player of the year 2011)

(Note: Joe Hubner (Fr) and Keaton Lewis (Fr) are no longer listed on the official football roster)

For the writeup and more analysis keep reading after the jump.

QB Stats from 2011

Collin Klein- Passing 1918 yards 13 TD 6 INT, Rushing 1141 yards 27 TD 88 yards per game

No returning QBs recorded snaps last year

Spring competition: 0

Collin Klein has locked up his spot as QB for the 2012 season, and deservedly so, after he led K-State to a very impressive 10-3 season last year. During the 2011 season Klein was impressive in almost every game with his toughness and work ethic. Klein's numbers were very impressive throughout the season as he set/tied several different school, conference, and NCAA records, including rushing yards by a QB (school 1141), rushing touchdowns in a game (tied school 5), points in a game (tied school 30), rushing touchdowns in a season (tied conference 27), QB rushing touchdowns in a season (tied NCAA 27) and several others. It is pretty safe to say that he will work to continue to improve over this off season as a passer and continue to develop into one of the most dangerous weapons in college football.

Backing up Collin Klein this year will be rising redshirt freshman Daniel Sams who has been compared by some to K-State great Ell Roberson. Sams, who is very quick and has appears to have a solid arm, is considered by many to be the heir apparent to Klein. Behind Sams is incoming freshman Tay Bender who also is very quick and has a good arm as well. Third string QB Sam Johnson (rsFr) won the red raider award for scout team player of the year last year and while his skill set may be more limited then the two previous backups he appears to have a great work ethic, and if there is one thing that we have learned over the years it is that there will always be a place in Snyder's system for a kid who is willing to put the work in.

RBs will be the next position to be broken down.

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