2012 Recruiting Breakdown: Offense (Part 1)

In the second part of the 2012 recruiting series I will breakdown the offensive recruits. Due to the amount of offensive recruits/athletes I'm going to break it down into two parts. We'll start out with one of the most anticipated QB recruits in recent memory.

Tavarious "Tay" Bender

Position: QB

Height and Weight: 6-3 208

What stands out: Vision- Bender showed that he can run the option very effectively and he seemed to have a pretty good idea of where the next tackler was coming from.

Skill Set: Vision (see above)... Accuracy- This took a little finding, but I found some more highlights of him and he seemed to be able to put the ball right where it needed to be just about every time... Elusiveness- In watching him he just seems to find a way to get through a hole and into the endzone.

Where he fits in: When Snyder first came back to say his options at QB were limited would be putting it very optimistically, but now it can be said that it is one of our deepest positions. Next off-season will be very interesting to see who takes over for Collin Klein, red shirt Sophomore Daniel Sams or red shirt (most likely) freshman Tay Bender. I have heard conflicting reports on gray shirting and if Bender is now unable to gray shirt, but if he can he should as that will make him only a junior when Sams is expected to graduate (2016). If he can't gray shirt I expect him to change positions to WR or on defense somewhere.

Other notes: Bender has a pretty good squat (420) and bench (255) for a high school senior. His speed is not particularly impressive but much like Collin Klein he is pretty lanky and gets most of his rush yards out of long strides. Bender got a look from Nebraska but K-State was the only BCS school to give him an offer.

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Vernon Vaughn

Position: WR

Height and Weight: 6-2 190

What stands out: Speed- in his highlight reel he was able to consistently out run defensive backs. In one play he went around 25 yards and got behind two DBs for touchdown in just a few seconds.

Skill Set: Speed (see above)... Jumping- much like Marquez Clark he has the ability to jump up to make the play... Hands- he made a couple of deep catches and seemed to have no problem making the play.

Where he fits in: Vaughn will probably red shirt this year and be available next year after Chris Harper and Brodrick Smith graduate. From what I have seen he has the chance to be pretty good in a few years.

Other notes: I was able to see Vaughn play basketball last year and I was pretty impressed, that being said this is a completely different sport, but if his skills translate over he will be fairly decent.

Aderius Epps

Position: OL

Height and Weight: 6-2 295

What stands out: Impact blocking- in every play he neutralized (or crushed) the defender.

Skill Set: Impact blocking (see above)... Down field blocking- in one play he went out 5 yards from the line of scrimmage and flattened a linebacker waiting to get an edge around the line... Physicality- he got up and into (or sometimes under) the lineman and put them on their backs every time.

Where he fits in: Offensive line is a pretty deep position for us right now so I would not expect to see him until 2014 at the earliest.

Other notes: Epps is fairly big for a high school senior and you would expect him to continue to grow and develop as player. Epps also got offers from Baylor and TCU. He lined up at guard, where I would expect him to play as the tackle and center positions are pretty well set for the next few years.

Jarvis Leverett

Position: RB

Height and Weight: 5-11 200

What stands out: Agility- I can't remember when I saw a running back with as good of a spin move as has. In the few plays that he didn't get into wide open space he was able to strafe the sidelines or wiggle out of a tackle that would get made 95% of time.

Skill Set: Agility (see above)... Speed- once he found a hole he was gone. His down hill running is as impressive as I have ever seen... Vision- he did a superb job of finding holes and getting down field.

Where he fits in: Leverett has a chance to contribute in the next few year. He shows potential to be good to great at times and if he can show it on a consistent basis he has the chance to be a really good player

Other notes: Looking the box scores of his games, he only had a few 100 yard rushing games. He also only recorded yards in 1 of his last 3 games. He got a look from Oregon, Mizzzou, and Texas Tech among others but only K-State offered him a scholarship.

Deante Burton

Position: WR

Height and Weight: 6-2 200

What stands out: Physicality- Burton does a good job against bump and run defense, getting off defenders to make the catch.

Skill Set: Physicality (see above)... Route Running- Burton does a good job staying on path and pushing defenders out of his way to ensure that he does just that.

Where he fits in: It may be a while before we see Burton have consistent meaningful playing time when others are healthy. But if he has some time to develop he could become a pretty good player. I could see him lining up in goal line plays as his ability to take a hit is a nice thing to have with 10-15 yards to play in.

Other notes: Burton is a decent player with room to improve. He got a look from South Florida, UCLA, and Oklahoma State but ultimately ended up staying in state and in his hometown.

Dante Barnett

Position: ATH

Height and Weight: 6-1 175

What stands out: Secondary vision- he had a few fairly impressive interceptions. He has the ability to follow the QB's eyes and make a big play.

Skill Set: Secondary vision (see above)... Tackling- he made several big tackles in which he violently separated the ball from the receiver.

Where he fits in: My guess is that he is turned into a defensive back, which is not a particularly deep position for us.

Other notes: He was a teammate of Tyler Lockett in high school. He took a gray shirt last year and I would expect a red shirt this year. Not particularly impressive speed but gets the job done.

The other 6 offense/athlete recruits will be in part 2.

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