2012 Recruiting Breakdown: Defense

For the next part in the 2012 recruiting breakdown I will breakdown the 8 defensive recruits. I'll start with Cody Small who's listed as a TE but all of the video I found on him have him lining up as a DE.

Cody Small

Position: DE/TE

Height and Weight: 6-4 237

What stands out: Speed- Small hits the offensive line like a rocket. He relies mostly on a quick push to get past the linemen, and tried to avoid a prolonged period of being tied up.

Skill set: Speed (see above)... Reach- Small used his reach to keep the lineman from wrapping him up and pancaking him... Tackle- He was able to use his reach to start on a tackle and then the reach and strength of the other arm to finish the tackle.

Where he fits in: DE is a relatively solid position for us at this time. That being said it isn't impossible to see Small getting playing time in third down and goal line situations. The fact that he avoided getting in tie ups, could be nothing but could mean that he lacks confidence in his strength and ability to get out of tie ups.

Other notes: Small is listed as a TE I was unable to find any video or write ups about him at TE. Add in that his recruiting video showed him at DE and he was recruited by Joe Bob Clements suggesting that he may be coming in as a defensive lineman, but he must spend some time in the weight room and improve his strength before he goes up against Big 12 offensive lineman.

Travis Britz

Position: DT

Height and Weight: 6-4 287

What stands out: Size- Britz is big huge and he's only a freshman, but as we all know size is useless unless the kid knows how to use it, and he does plowing throw linemen to make big plays in the back field.

Skill set: Size (see above)... Tackle- Britz does a masterful job of throwing his weight around on a ball carrier or QB to ensure that when he gets his hands on them they go down... Hole finding- if there's a hole in the line Britz will find it, go through it, and make the running back regret his decision to get out of bed in the morning... Special teams- it was hard not to think of Raphael Guidry when I saw the video on this kid and how he so gracefully got through the line and got his hands up to block a punt and ultimately return it for a touchdown.

Where he fits in: Travis is a kid that I could see making an impact in his freshman year if he plays his cards right and puts in a good summer with workouts and in the weight room. He really is in a good spot as far as depth assuming he would like to contribute right away (don't know why he wouldn't). Don't be surprised at all to see Britz get some solid playing time next season. I got really good feeling about this kid.

Other notes: K-State was the only team to recruit Britz, as he committed last summer. He has put on around 17 pounds just in this last season and he appears to have the frame to put on more within a good weights program.

Morgan Burns

Position: DB

Height and Weight: 5-11 185

What stands out: Pursuit- in college football if you can't chase down a receiver after he makes a catch than their usually gonna go for a touchdown, and in the pass happy Big 12 this tends to happen a lot especially to teams with a slow secondary. Burns has really nice speed and shows the ability to chase down receivers after catches.

Skill set: Pursuit (see above)... Speed- this plays into the one above a lot, but Burns has some great legs under him that look to only get better with more training.

Where he fits in: Although Secondary isn't a particularly deep position for us I wouldn't expect to see him play solid minutes until next year at the earliest. They weren't to many young players contributing in the secondary last year and I don't think that will change this year.

Other notes: Burns picked K-State over Colorado State although neither offered scholarships.

Hunter Davis

Position: DE

Height and Weight: 6-3 240

What stands out: Strength- it takes a lot of strength and good footwork to put an offensive lineman on his back, and Davis has both of those abilities.

Skill set: Strength (see above)... Quickness- Davis showed great speed getting off the line and getting in to the back field to make a quality tackle on the running back... Reach- this is just me but I really like it when a lineman can reach out and grab a player 2-3 feet away and then bring him down.

Where he fits in: I like Davis, I really do. It would not surprise me to see him get snaps at DE next fall as long as he takes care of his business in the weight room and on the practice field anything is possible for this kid.

Other notes: Davis was recruited by Iowa State, Missouri and Texas Tech in addition to K-State.

Will Davis

Position: LB

Height and Weight: 6-1 213

What stands out: Intelligence- probably the most frustrating thing to see a linebacker do is follow a juke move fall on his side while the running back goes up the field for a big play. A couple of times Davis was baited with the juke move but instead of biting on it he patiently waited for the right position and he made a nice tackle.

Skill set: Intelligence (see above)... Speed- Davis' lateral speed isn't especially noteworthy but his down field speed is pretty nice as he can quickly and efficiently get around the offensive line and into the backfield... Tackle- Davis does a really nice job in finishing on tackles and making sure he wraps up the ball carrier.

Where he fits in: Davis was recruited by Sean Snyder and I think his down field speed is probably good enough for the kickoff team. I think Davis is one of the more underrated players in this class and I could easily see him suiting up next year and playing good minutes on special teams and backup defense.

Other notes: Davis got looks from Iowa State, Northwestern, Rice and Tulsa, but was only offered by K-State. It would be nice if he would bulk up a little over the summer but even with his current frame he still will probably be able to contribute right away. If he puts in work in practice and in the weight room he could become a really good player.

Demonte Hood

Position: DT

Height and Weight: 6-0 295

What stands out: Explosiveness- Hood does a great job of exploding off the snap and pushing the guards and center out of his way too get into the backfield.

Skill set: Explosiveness (see above)... Block shedding- Hood does an excellent job of not letting the offensive linemen bring him down as he gets in the backfield... Size- Its not easy push a 295 pounder with a low center of gravity out of the way and its even harder when he's pushing back, this being said Hood shows his ability to use his size in order to not let the ball carrier not get through a hole... Tackle- This kinda goes along with the one above, but Hood does a great job of using his full weight to plow the ball carrier in the backfield.

Where he fits in: DT is not a great position for the cats so Hood may get the chance to play early, but I would really be interested to see him red shirt this year and put on even more weight and muscle. But even if he did play next year I think that he would be a really good young player and it would be a great opportunity for him to get valuable experience. I really like this kid.

Other notes: It is said that with a lot of recruiting sites (like ESPN) the scouting report is not as insightful as who else is recruiting him, if this is true than this kid is for real. He was recruited and offered by Arkansas and recruited but not offered by Miami and North Carolina.

Mike Moore

Position: LB

Height and Weight: 6-1 213

What stands out: Tackling- Moore does a good job of getting his hands on the ball carrier and making sure that he goes down. The best way to stop the explosive offensives in the big 12 is bring them down, and Moore can really help us in that area.

Skill set: Tackling (see above)... Speed- Moore does a very nice job of getting around the lineman as he purses the ball carrier... Football I.Q.- Moore has the nice ability to know exactly where the ball is and how to make a play on it before they make a big play on it.

Where he fits in: Moore will more likely than not add a red shirt to his gray shirt, but after that he could see the field on a limited basis to start out with, it's just to early to see just how this kid's career will play out, but if he puts in the work he will see the field.

Other notes: Moore was also recruited by Minnesota, Kentucky, and Iowa State. He was briefly committed to Minnesota before switching to K-State.

Donnie Starks

Position: CB

Height and Weight: 5-11 180

What stands out: Catching- Starks does a great job of finishing off a play by making sure he makes the catch and gets the interception.

Skill set: Catching (see above)... Speed- Starks is fairly fast but don't expect him to be breaking any 40 time records.

Where he fits in: I fully expect Starks to gray shirt and red shirt, as he has three things going against him. 1, CB isn't a really bad position for us, 2, he's not very big and could take some valuable time to grow, and 3, he is really young as he'll be just barely 18 if he steps on campus next fall.

Other notes: Starks was only recruited by K-State who also offered him a scholarship. There's not much out there about this kid so I would expect him to show up in next years recruiting class as a grayshirt.

I will have my pre-spring depth chart out very soon.

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