BigXII implosion time line

Expansion time line:

Interesting article from WVU on college football and tv, might provide some background on the current situation.
Dec  5, 1993: As the Big 12 forms, Mizzou expresses interest in the Big 10
1995 Athlon Sports article on the Big 12 forming.  aTm wanted the SEC, Texas wanted the PAC10
July 31, 2009: Pac 10 has not looked at expansion Sept 18, 2009:  Missouri/Big 12 Network article
Dec 15, 2009: Big 10 starts looking
Dec 16, 2009: Pac 10 will look at expansion
Dec 18, 2009: MO Gov wants Big 10
Omaha World Herald Article time line for UN-L
     January 2010: Nebraska reaches out to Big 10
     May 25, 2010: Secret meeting between Big 10 and UN-L
     June 4, 2010: UN-L ultimatum from Big 12 and phone call from UN-L to Big 10
     June 11, 2010: UN-L announces joining Big 10
June 16, 2010: 10 year agreement signed?
June 24, 2010: CU to Pac 10
July 28, 2010: aTm wants $20 million or else
Jan 19, 2011: LHN agreement annonced
April 13, 2011: Big 12 TV deal with Fox
June 4,2011: Big 12 changes revenue sharing
July 25, 2011: Big 12 Media days (with the message of we are all in this together)
Aug 31, 2011: aTm offical announcement of seeking change (this was after a month or so of rumors)
Aug 31, 2011: Mizzou comments on commitment to Big 12
Sept 1, 2011: aTm rejects Texas offer for network?
      aTm confirmation source article from 8/31/11
      also has some reasons why aTm is wanting to move.more aTm perspective from 9/1/11
      and another article  from 9/1/11 including a jab by Osborne about unequal revenue sharing being a problem.
Sept 2, 2011: OU explores options or this Pickens expects OSU to leave
Sept 3, 2011:
      K-State AD says K-State committed to Big 12
      KU dissapointed
      K-State, KU and Mizzou stung by OU comments
      Alden responds to OU
      Article from NY Times
Sept 4, 2011
      Lawyer up time according to Chip Brown
      Pete Thamel disagrees with Chip Brown
      Blog Maverick says Big 12 should stay together

Blackcat found some numbers about K-State:
NBAF funding is $2.5 billion
this is not USDA money, it is DHS
schools requesting access to NBAF include: Illinois, Michigan State, Minnesota, Penn State, Purdue, Wisconsin and Nebraska
Annual Private Donations to General Fund: $107 million (Nebraska: $67 million)

more numbers are in BlackCats' post.

And also consider the schools who can afford the exit fee to leave the BigXII(-3) versus those that can not afford to leave.

to be continued?

5 Sep 11  Added articles to Sept 3rd and Sept  4th, 2011
6 Sep 11  Added 18 Sep 2011 article, 1 Sep 2011 articles
24 Sep 11 Added 5 Dec 2011 article
19 Oct 11 Added Athlon Sports article

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