Conference realignment: We know it's coming....


   It won't be long before this may become a reality....... (via Daniel James Murphy)


      The Big 12 is oviously on it's way out. Texas A&M is already singing "Already Gone" by the Eagles, and Oklahoma and Texas have contacted the Pac 12, and they are interested. Without those teams, I can't see any of the other teams staying, it just doesn't make any sense. Teams like KSU and ISU could find themselves in trouble, or maybe they are in for a pleasant surprise. Without further ado, I'll be one of many to predict the relaignment of a new NCAA.



Texas A&M (Houston market) 

(And the 14th member I predict will be.....North Carolina! Though I have no evidence to back that up)

This one is ovious. Texas A&M wants the SEC, and the SEC (secretly) wants them. The location is good, but the question is....can the Aggies compete in the SEC? Maybe not, but hey, they still get more money than in the Big 12, and no more pesky Texas either.

PAC 16:

Oklahoma (Oklahoma City)

Oklahoma State (Tulsa)

Texas (Austin, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, El Paso, you name it!)

Texas Tech (Lubbock, Amarillo, El Paso)

         OU has already contacted the PAC12, and will make a decision within three weeks. The Pac12 is interested, we know that for sure, and they've even considered adding Texas as well. Ok...that leaves OSU and Tech. These schools make sense geographicly, and continue rivalrys. OSU being good these past few years is a boost, and TTU is competitive. The Pac12 originally considered bringing in those two schools, and I don't see them backing out of it now. The "quads" would work out well with Texas, Texas Tech, Arizona and Arizona State in one quad, while OU, OSU, Colorado, and Utah in the other.

        Wait, the Pac16 didn't want Texas because of their network? I heard this too, but the fact that the Pac12 is considering the Longhorns tells me they are willing to make adjustments. Don't be crossing your fingers Texas goes independent, because guess who makes the most sense geographicly after Texas? Yeah....THAT school down the river. Uh oh!

Big 10:

Missouri (Kansas City, St. Louis, Springfield)

Kansas (Kansas City) 

      The Big 10 wants AAU schools. Missouri and KU are exactly that. Missouri makes sense for a lot of reasons, first they are the only (decent) sports school in Missouri. They get viewers from all over the state. Missouri usually is competitive in football, and can be decent in basketball as well.

       How does KU fit? Their basketball program makes the difference. The Big 10 has some pretty basketball schools (Ohio State, Purdue) but only Ohio State seems to be constantly high in the polls. KU would help bring the Big 10 up in that category.

      Oh, you think the Big 10 will go east? Syracuse can do basketball too? (Nope, not an AAU school!) Alright then....Pittsburgh! Hmm....look at a Big 10 map. Doesn't Nebraska look all alone in the Western part of the conference? Bringing in Kansas and Missouri makes sense for rivalry purposes with Nebraska, and location. Plus, it's a lot easier to pull in teams with no conferences, than to fight with the ACC or Big East for schools. The Big 10 doesn't have to expand, and in fact it doesn't even want to at the moment. The only reason they would want to expand is if they got an easy opportunity to do so, which they would have here.  Oh wait, Penn State is all alone on the east! Let's debate this in the comment section, shall we? Or, how about a Big16 with Pittsburgh and Rutgers in the mix?  

Big East:

Iowa State (Des Monies)

Baylor (Waco)

Kansas State (Wichita/Manhattan)

The final piece to the puzzle. Forget the Mountain West folks, a better conference in calling, one that has room for everyone. When the Big East added TCU, it wasn't fooling around. It knew some more jewels would be unlocked while bringing it in, and it was right on the money. Bringing in Baylor, Kansas State, and Iowa State helps the Big East bring some schools closer to TCU. The basketball programs of Kansas State and Baylor are too much to turn down for a basketball minded Big East, while Iowa State makes too much sense geographicly to turn down. The Big East has 9 football schools. They need 3 to have a championship football game, and have division boundaries. Would you mind playing in a division like this?

Big East Plains Conference (just not Legends and Leaders please!!!)

Kansas State

Iowa State





(We could actually win this division!)

And for those of you thinking the Big 10 will push east and take Rutgers and Pittsburgh rather than KU, look at this:

Kansas State

Iowa State





        We'd be playing many familiar faces, including a bit of West Virginia, Louisville, Pittsburgh ect. I think this will work out well for us. Being a basketball school, we would have a lot of fun in the Big East, having a new challenge every day. This would also boost our recruiting considerably. And think about football. Was Syracuse an easy game? How about Louisville and Rutgers a few years back? This conference is right at our level. Rather than having schools twice the size of us and making more than three times as much profit (Texas???), we can be with schools the same size, and at nearly the same level of competition. Oh, I forgot, the Big East has a BCS birth as well. This isn't anything to be sad about folks. We are simply turning the page on a new era. One that frankly, I think will be more exciting (Way more wins). Unlike the Big 12, we won't have ESPN filming the same few, sad Texas fans over and over again rather than the 45,000 other fans celebrating a 38-14 victory. It's all about equality people, and we are gonna have it in the Big East! 

      But, Oklahoma hasn't made the move yet. But, whatever happens, we'll be on safe ground.

      * How do I know the Big East will take us in? The Big East told the media they were willing to bring us in a few months back.

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