Report from Miami

Well, not sure what else to add to what I'm sure was a pretty fun game thread. But that was one of the most exciting sporting events I've ever attended. A few observations (some of which I imagine have been discussed, but so be it):

1. SunLife Stadium is absolutely awful. Feel bad for the U having to play there all the time. Was actually a pretty good crowd, but it looked half full with how big the stadium is. And the field is a mess.

2. The U fans around me were actually really nice people, but the tailgaters, my god they were jerks. Now given some of this is to be expected from drunk frat boys, but I saw one Cats fan dragged away from talking very civilly to a few Miami girls, another group have a flagpole literally thrown at them, and another be sprinted after just for passing by their tailgate. Not impressive ambassadors.

3. Pre-game it was very clear who the leader of the defense is - Tre Walker. That guy has a TON of swagger. He was dancing all around and getting other guys pumped up. Arthur Brown is unbelievable, but definitely more of the quiet leader type. Walker and Rat seem to be the guys who pump everyone else up. Those guys are a lot of fun to watch. Tre Walker is going to be an absolute beast.

4. Klein played an unbelievable game. Just unbelievable. He played intelligently, made some great throws, and stayed calm when all seemed to be falling apart. The Miami fans were beside themselves watching Klein play. "Look at his wind up! How is he getting so many yards running - he's not even fast!" Was very amusing to hear. After his jump pass TD I yelled "Tebow!" The people around me were not at all amused.

5. Given the above, no reason to think he should get much PT barring an injury to Klein, but Lamur certainly looks the part. He's a specimen and throws a great ball at least in warmups. Not that meaningful of course, but worth mentioning.

6. Charlie Dickey has done it again. The o-line was simply tremendous. Against a d-line with future NFL players no less. Really beyond impressed with how that unit played.

7. Nice to see Lockett not look like a freshman out there. His TD catch was not an easy one. And a perfect pass from Klein.

8. Don't know whether everyone was freaking out about Cosh in the second half. Part of it might have been scheming. Some was 2010esque missed tackles. But one thing I really noticed is how winded the d-linemen were when they subbed out. It was REALLY hot. I was uncomfortable. Can't imagine what it would have been like in football uniforms and after battling in those trenches. I think that may have a lot to do with the defensive letdown pre-goal line stand.

9. That goal line stand. 'Nuff said.

Overall, a hell of a game and a great purple turnout. The players clearly loved the showing that KSU fans put together.

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