Big 12 Realignment as the Cast of Office Space

OK, I had this idea, and started putting pen to paper in some down time here at work.  I will probably refine it tonight when I get home from work/teaching religion class at church tonight.  The whole idea was basically generated when I relived the scene as described in the description of Lawrence.  I think I did ok, but it probably could be cleaned up.  I feel bad to pick on Peter, but I had to in order to make this list work.

  • Peter Gibbons, (UT): Main character/kingpin of being able to pull of channeling tons of money through outside sources.  Remember they're just fractions of pennies.  Either way, he doesn't want to work for the success.
  • Joanna, (LHN): hot appealing girlfriend of Peter, but greed gets in the way and tanks the relationship between her and Peter.
  • Bill Lumbergh, (Nubbs): public enemy No. 1, everyone hates him.  Asshole.
  • Michael Bolton (OU): equally responsible for unequal revenue sharing and equal power to Peter in what ultimately gets them into trouble.
  • Samir Nagheenanajar (OSU): relatively no threat alone, but seen as a pair with Michael Bolton and vital to "the plan".
  • Anne, Peter's cheating girlfriend (A&M)…do I really have to go into this?  Ok, she has chocopockets.
  • Milton Waddams, a meek, obsessive Initech employee (Baylor):  easy to laugh at, spent the last several years in the basement, but in the end can really set fire to people’s institutions
  • Tom Smykowski, an Initech employee (ISU): winds up nearly dead, most likely disabled for a long time.
  • Lawrence, Peter's satisfied next-door neighbor, a construction worker (CU/PAC-12): Laid back, lives next door a free spirit.  Open communication between the wall that seperates Peter and Lawrence's apartment.  After Peter gets into deep shit, Lawrence is known to later tell Peter when asked if Peter wants to come over to Lawrence's apartment, Lawrence responds "Nah man, I don't want you coming over here and fucking with my life"
  • The Bob’s (KState & KU): consultants who look at a mess from afar, and while they offer their advice, in the end can do nothing about the way Peter acts, and is even further away from having anything to do with his hot girlfriend.
  • Brian, an eager Chotchkie's employee (TT): cheerfully annoying, because they think their several pieces of flare (bowl season) is worth somethin.  In reality the character plays a very minor role in the whole movie.
  • Drew, a jocular Initech employee (Mizzou): if things go well, they might be able to show the rest of the conference their O-face.  However you never actually see Drew score.
  • Dr. Swanson, Peter's occupational hypnotherapist (Ken Starr):  tries to tell UT how to act, has no control, plan backfires.
  • Steve, a door-to-door magazine salesman (Peter Bohren): used to be addicted to crack, but can get a deal done after they "learn" about what Peter's up to.
  • Stan, the Manager of Chotchkie's (Dan Beebe): Let's LHN run a muck.

In the end Peter goes to a new job more conducive to sanity.

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