Daily Realignment Chat, 9.1.11

I just thought the other thread was getting to the point it was a bit overwhelming, and until Saturday, I think this will continue to be such a heavy conversation point (although I have been known to be a good thread killer). I thought since I had much to say, it would easily get buried in the 250+ post other thread. So I offer the idea to start fresh each day, or that this conversation falls flat on its face in your average ordinary everyday epic internet FAIL.  Follow to weigh in on my thoughts of the day.

Thought one:  Geography.  Ok so this works its way a little into my second point, but if the Big 12 goes to the immediate catch a breath add 1 team as a patch job to the next TV contract BYU and geography is not a huge issue.  Why not?  Well it's one team.  That means every-other year, each Big 12 team has to make that lengthy trek.  That's just like having an extra non-con that Athletic Departments.  BYU, which had already assumed travel would be a factor in its independency, now is looking at pretty much the same scenario of what it was going to assume anyway from here forward.  Plus they get 4, or 5 home conference games in a given year, so if their non-cons are set up right they can stay regionally (or at home) for close to 7 or 8 games out of 12.

Thought two:  I hated the idea of the super-conference, but being naive is getting more and more embarrassing by the day.  So because of what we're left with, and the physical size of our states, Geography is important to small athletic departments like K-state.  It's hard enough keeping up with the Jones' anyway, but added travel costs wouldn't help.  So let's look at the reason why 16 is this optimal number for a super conference.  Having 8 teams to a division sets you up for round robin play within the division and 5 games for a non-con, or perhaps a cross divisional rival for a total of  8 games and 4 non-cons or two other cross division foes, so on and so on.  So I propose a Big East merger in which you rename the Super Conference, but you have the Big 8 division and the Big East division.  Now this operates under the impression that either Mizzou, and/or Texas leaves in which case you would have 7 teams.  This would also require those remaining 7 (or 8) teams to band together and pitch it as "take us all as a division" to the Big East's 8 (9 with TCU) football playing schools (you also have the opportunity of pitching it to the MWC as well, in which case the divisions would be the Big 8 and the MW divisions).  TCU can fill in as the 8th team for the Big 8 division either way.  As a result, since you play so few out of division games you take advantage of the proximity/geography within your division, but gain quite a bit in TV markets, and are able to maintain rivalries/tradition/familiarity.  The division names keeps the old time tradition feel to both sides, and it would actually feel like an accomplishment to win a Division Championship.  Given the distance between the divisions, the Super Conference Championship game could have several locations for host sites in between the two (Nashville anyone?) and if it's the pre-cursor to playoffs they would present a bowl like atmosphere.  Here's how the super conference might look (killer basketball conference I might add):

Big 8 Division:

Iowa State




Oklahoma State

Texas Tech



Big East Division:









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