Bring in Notre Dame, make it a 10 team conference, two divisions, and end the madness


Some times we overlook the obvious answer - we complicate things. Mushrooms will do that. To entice the Domers, make it a ten team conference with two divisions. Play all teams in your division (four games) and two opponents from the other division per year, with one permanent crossover rival from the other division (seven conference games in football). Name the divisions "Black" and "Blue." Bring back the championship game. Round robin in basketball.  And change the name back to the Big 8 (just to rub into the face of BigRed)!


1. UT

2. Notre Dame

3. KSU

4. Tx. Tech

5. I. State


1. OU

2. Mizzou

3. KU

4. Okie State

5. Baylor

Each team’s cross-over rival would be the same correspondently numbered team from the other division. This would preserve essential in-state or long term rivalries that should not be broken up. This would make for seven regular season conference games. Notre Dame could then keep some of its long term rivalries, and keep their NBC contract for those games.

This system would allow the "powers" (OU, UT) to be more aggressive in scheduling top tier inter-sectional games, without scheduling themselfs out of #1 at the end of the year. The networks would love this, because they have long complained that a consequence of the BCS systems was the diminished number of quality inter-sectional contests.

The BCS system is on its last legs anyway. Sixteen team super conferences will ruin college sports. Does your baseball and volleyball team really want to travel to Corvallis or Spokane every year? Let’s get real on all of this and not ruin college sports. The UT fan base, and the complete fan base in the Big 12,  could be very important in bringing some sanity to this re-alignment madness.

And if the Domers don’t want to come in, substitute BYU. for where N. Dame is in the above referenced list. It’s a winner.  And if the SEC spurns Aggie, put Aggie where N. Dame is on the list and then Longhorn and Aggie, if not going so far as to kiss and make up, should put their feud on hold in order not to ruin college sports!

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