BIG 12 TOURNAMENT OUTLOOK: 03.11.11 (Open Game Thread)

Are the semi-surprising Aggies playing the best basketball of anyone in Kansas City right now? The Longhorns might have something to say about that...

It will be North vs. South in the final Big 12 championship game for the conference in its current two-division incarnation.

Which North team will face which South team still is somewhat up in the air, although there certainly is at least one obvious front-runner for those positions.

We'll get those answers tonight.

Feel free to migrate here as a live discussion thread tonight, if you want, since Ahearn Alley and I sort of pushed the other one down the page.

Discussion and predictions after the jump.

Note: Both of today's games will air on the Big 12 Network.


6 p.m.: No. 1 Kansas vs. No. 5 Colorado

  • BracketCat: Kansas 82, Colorado 68
  • GAMER: Kansas 78, Colorado 64
  • Pomeroy: Kansas 86, Colorado 71
  • Sagarin: Kansas 83, Colorado 70

Well, good for you, Buffies. You made it into the NCAA Tournament. Now enjoy your final game as a Big 12 member, because I assure you that KU is going to kick you into next week, literally.

How can I be so sure? Because KU had a horrid shooting effort yesterday against Oklahoma State. Whenever that happens, you almost can bet house money that thee Jayhawks will come out strong the next day.

Add to that a Colorado team that will be playing its third game in three days, both relatively hard-fought, and what will be a chicken-packed Sprint Center, and you have the makings for a potential blowout.




2 p.m.: No. 2 Texas vs. No. 3 Texas A&M

  • BracketCat: Texas 71, Texas A&M 64
  • GAMER: Texas 70, Texas A&M 63
  • Pomeroy: Texas 66, Texas A&M 58
  • Sagarin: Texas 78, Texas A&M 71

Texas appeared to rediscover its stingy defense during a laugher against Oklahoma, highlighted by Dogus Balbay's excellent block of a Cade Davis layup.

That's bad news for Texas A&M, which failed even to keep it close in either match-up against Big Brother this year.

But the Aggies played quite possibly their best game of the season last night in demolishing Missouri, so maybe they'll give the Longhorns more of a battle this time. I certainly hope so, or I might be leaving the "ol' glass bowl" early to get some shuteye.

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