A Request to Frank, Jake and CK


At the request of S. Bailey, I’m turning this into a FanPost. It was originally a comment to last night’s Big 12 Outlook Post. This paragraph (the stuff before the jump) is new. I really did get out of bed at 2:30 a.m. and write that. Couldn’t sleep. Phone call from the ex-wife where I had to take some of her passive-aggressive crap on some money I owe her. And yes, we do make too much of sports. But I want it to be fun again to watch my Wildcats play. We need a little joy sometimes. So hey, you players privileged to wear the Purple, give us something to smile about. Just play smart and play hard. Play with some pride. You don’t owe it to us. But sometimes we do need it - and if you are honest with yourself - I think you’ll admit you need it too ( a little joy and some pride) that is.


It’s 2:30 in the morning (Manhattan time) and I can’t sleep. Many reasons, but one of them is that sickening display of basketball my Wildcats put on against the hapless CU squad Saturday night;  the capper (so far) to this miserable season. Then another sickening feeling hit me: tonight the Jayhawks come to OUR HOUSE.

You see, when I grew up this occasion would bring a sense of - what should we call it(?) - rascalness, yea that’s it - to me, because I knew my team would either kick the crap out of KU in Ahearn or, at least, put up a Kansas farm boy hell-of-a-fight. If the Jayhawks won, which they rarely did back-in-the day in Manhattan, I at least knew a few of their putrid feathers would be plucked and floating in the air in the Fieldhouse. You see, it pisses me off that I have a feeling of dread on the occasion of the frickin Jayhawks coming to OUR HOUSE!

And I ask myself, where the hell is the character, the guts, that you all displayed last year? You see, this is what is baffling: Jake and Curtis and yes, FRANK, you all had character and guts last year. And the thing about character and guts is you just don’t lose them like you would lose a dime when you have a hole in your pocket. SO WHERE THE HELL DID THEY GO?

Well, I’ve got my theories on that, and they have to do with too much ESPN time, Facebook, and Tweets. Too much look at me, me, me for the purpose of impressing SOMEONE ELSE, ELSE, ELSE!

Here’s some free advice from an old guy. Do something tonight to impress one person, and one person only, that being your own self. Play for your own inner pride, knowing that if you live up to the best that is WITHIN YOU, that feeling will be in you and with you when you get to be as old as I am. In the long run that’s more important, I’d say, than another ESPN segment, a Facebook posting, some fancy (unearned) threads from Dillards, or a damn Tweet!

And here’s two places to start:

1) No talk before or after the game about how much you respect KU. Screw them!



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