Week 10 Bowl projections

Bowl projections from around the Big 12 after week 10 action.


BCS National Championship- Oklahoma State- If Ryan Broyles wasn't hurt against A&M I would have predicted OU to handily beat Oklahoma State especially after the Wildcats played the Cowboys so close in Stillwater, but a key injury will probably allow the Cowboys to run the table.

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Fiesta Bowl- Oklahoma- Like I said before a devastating injury to Ryan Broyles will probably keep the Sooners from winning their 9th strait bedlam game, but OU will almost definitely win there next two games, at a defenseless Baylor team and at home against a very up and down Iowa State team.

Cotton Bowl- Kansas State- K-State lost a heart breaker in Stillwater on Saturday night, but they were in the game clear up until the final play of the game which should provide K-State with some much needed confidence after getting blown out by OU. The cats have a very good chance to go 9-3 or even 10-2, but their hardest test will be at a very good Texas team.

Alamo Bowl- Texas- Texas is one of the hottest teams in the Big 12 right now and impressively flexed both its offensive and defensive muscles against a Texas Tech team that was no doubt shell shocked after getting blown out by Iowa State.

Insight Bowl- Texas A&M- Texas A&M found out what is was like to be K-State on Saturday, and Texas A&M will go up against a very angry and very confident Kansas State Team next weekend in Manhattan. Also the Aggies, who gave up 28 point in the third, have been outscored 162-111 in the second half, and to top it off they still have to play an angry Texas team.

Holiday Bowl- Baylor- Baylor will probably tie A&M for 5th place in the Big 12 as they still have KU and Texas Tech left on the schedule, but A&M will have the head to head tiebreaker as the Bears lost 55-28 to the Aggies earlier this season. But the Bears will have an excellent shot at 7 wins this season.

Texas Bowl- Texas Tech- I am going out on an a limb on this one, but the red raiders are going to have to pull one out at Missouri or against Baylor at the Cotton Bowl as I just can't see them winning at Oklahoma State, but in order for them to win one of these they are going to have to figure out whats wrong and fix it quickly.

Pinstripe Bowl- other conference tie in/Notre Dame- Missouri's bowl hopes were basically ended on Saturday night after they lost to Baylor, while its still possible that the tigers could go to a bowl game, it would take take upsets in at least one game and probably two.

Home for the holidays

Missouri- This will be the first of probably many seasons in which the tigers will be watching bowl games on tv rather than participating in them.

Iowa State- After showing promise a week ago, Iowa State went out and more or less layed an egg against KU.

KU- Any long (and I mean very, very long) shot of KU somehow getting bowl eligible was ended on Saturday when they lost to Iowa State 13-10, their closest conference lost of the year.

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