Week 13 Big 12 Power Rankings

Entering the final week of the season, we have our beloved Wildcats at #1. Is that blatant homerism? Why, yes, yes it is. OSU entered the week at #2, and their bye was not that impressive, so they did nothing to jump K-State. Oklahoma did beat isu at home, though, but they struggled early, so I can justify not moving them up yet.

Rest assured, I will properly arrange them after this weekend's games are over because a victory over OU or OSU would be more impressive than one over the cyclones (YEAH! Take that! I didn't capitalize your name because my contempt for your school runs so deep!)


1. Kansas State Wildcats | 9-2 (6-2)

It was a tough choice, but I think that KSU handled the bye week better than OSU. We didn't get the Michigan loss we were all hoping for, but at least our coach didn't seem confused about having three conference co-champions or the fact that his school has actively claimed co-divisional championships in the recent past.

Also, Pitt beat Washburn, and since they are in Kansas and not from Topeka I'll just chalk that up as a K-State win.

FINALLY!!! It's FARMAGEDDON!!! This is our only rivalry where we don't lead the all-time series 49-41-4 (The other rivalry, the Chisholm Trail Rivalry with Texas, we lead 7-5. KSU has no other rivals.) so we need to win this one and the next 8 to reclaim the lead!

I hate the cyclones so much they are so mean and other generic rivalry smack talk!

2. Oklahoma State Cowboys | 10-1 (7-1)

The good news is, win or lose, you will claim your first conference championship since 1976 (first ever in the Big 12). The bad news is, win or lose, you are not likely to make the national title game.

3. Baylor Bears | 8-3 (5-3)

Congratulations, you not only held on to beat a team with Griffin on the sidelines, but you did it in dominating fashion. Perhaps, just perhaps, you are not the one-man team I have been led to believe from watching your other performances. However, you will need that kind of team effort to beat Texas this week, you won't be able to get away with letting Griffin do all the heavy lifting.

4. Oklahoma Sooners | 9-2 (6-2)

Bob Stoops is a tool. This is not new. What is also not new is the idea of co-conference champions. In fact, Oklahoma claims several co-conference championships itself. Pot, meet kettle.

5. Texas Longhorns | 7-4 (4-4)

So, you beat aTm after a come-from-behind fourth quarter? Big deal, who hasn't?


6. Missouri Tigers | 7-5 (5-4)

The only way I will ever forgive you is if you go out and dominate the SEC. Then I will love you, and laugh at all the SEC toadies who claim it is the best conference. Otherwise I will be guilty of schadenfreude every time you lose. Having to play KU counts as a loss for everyone involved.

7. iowa state cyclones | 6-5 (3-5)

What a lame place to go to school. Things are so boring there that they spend their free time sending beer Natty Lite into space. (Despite my attempt to phrase that as an insult, that is pretty awesome)

Still, we should wipe the wheat fields with your sorry asses. You lost to Texas Tech and aTM! You're Losers!

Is that hateful enough?

8. Texas A&M Aggies | 6-6 (4-5)

Enjoy the SEC, don't let the door hit you on your way out.

Texas A&M - Big XII - That's How We Leave (via LandThieves)

Texas Tech Red Raiders | 5-7 (2-7)

OK, how in the HELL did you beat OU? You couldn't even beat Baylor without Robert Griffin III? That is bad.

10. Kansas Jayhawks | 2-10 (0-9)

I thought for a moment that Gill might be able to actually save his job. But alas, it was not to be. Maybe you can get Leach, but forgive me for hoping that you fail (again, as you so often do in football).


1. TCU Horned Frogs | 9-2 (0-1) [6-0]

Idled with a bye. They play UNLV this weekend, and with a win will wrap up an outright MWC Championship.

2. West Virginia Mountaineers | 8-3 (0-0) [4-2]

Things are a little bit clearer now in the Big East race. WVU took care of business and downed Pitt 21-20 in the fourth quarter. If WVU beats USF on Thursday, and Cincy beats UCONN, then WVU is the Big East Champion (it comes down to BCS standing in the event of a three way tie). If, however, either teamCincy loses, then Louisville will be Big East Champion (if WVU loses but Cincy wins, Cincy will be the champs). Louisville is done for the season.

So we need to root for a Mountaineer and Bearcat victory on Saturday so we can bring in two defending conference champions as members next year.

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