Week 12 Big 12 Power Rankings

Last week I wrote that this conference title was Oklahoma State's to lose.  Despite losing to Iowa State on Friday, this is still true, because Bob Stoops played with fire and got burned.  In fact, KSU is now in position to tie for a conference championship, as long as they beat Iowa State in Farmageddon and Oklahoma beats OSU in Bedlam.

We should also root for OU to lose to ISU this week, because wouldn't you rather be in a two-way tie for first than a three-way tie?  Plus, it would probably put us above OU in the bowl selection order.

Everybody have a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Hook 'Em Wildcats!


1. Kansas State Wildcats | 9-2 (6-2)

I admit, this seems too high for our beloved Cats.  But this is a POWER ranking, and is heavily influenced by weekly results.  It isn't meant to be a true ranking of the teams.  That being said, I still almost left OSU in this spot, because I was inclined to give them a mulligan given what happened Friday and that ISU always has a crazy upset (under Paul Rhoads anyway).

But why am I talking about the Cowboys?  KSU beat Texas with 121 yards and 17 points (10 from turnovers).  #1 BABY! (at least in the state of Texas)

2. Oklahoma State Cowboys | 10-1 (7-1)

That was a rough week, Cowboy fans.  Although I have a rooting interest in seeing you lose to OU, I actually would like it if you won, too.  Not hard to root for you guys, and with only one loss there is still a good chance you get into the title game.  You have to put this behind you though and move on.

3. Baylor Bears | 7-3 (4-3)

You can justify your position by beating OU this week (HA!).

Ahem.  My words, they have been eaten.

4. Oklahoma Sooners 8-2 (5-2)

Bob Stoops, the ever consummate jerkwad, started using his timeouts when Baylor was content to take the game to overtime.  This, of course, angered the football gods, who sent RG3 here to terrorize opposing defenses.  They granted him the vision and strength to nail a perfect 34-yard pass to Terrence Williams (who?) that was not only on-the-money but was also delivered as Griffin was scrambling out of the pocket to avoid a sack.

5. Iowa State Cyclones | 6-4 (3-4)

Beating the #2 team in the nation should always be enough to move you into the Heaven division, even if only for a week.  You played with heart, grit and discipline on Friday, and you deserved both the win and the #5 spot in my Power Rankings.  Enjoy.

Oh, and beat the Sooners to justify your spot.


6. Missouri Tigers | 6-5 (4-4)

Hard to move a team down that won the week before, but it was a last minute, come-from-behind victory over forlorn Texas Tech.  Iowa State deserves Heaven so much more than you do right now.

7. Texas A&M Aggies | 6-5 (4-4)

Well, you have now reached bowl-eligibility.  Congratulations?

8. Texas Longhorns | 6-4 (3-4)

121?  This Texas D is for real.  I knew we wouldn't be able to throw against them the way other teams have, because they have some really fast defensive backs who can make up their mistakes really quick.  Still, I would have expected some more slants and maybe a screen or two to take advantage of the 8, 9 and even 10 men in the box that UT was throwing at us.  Is it really any surprise then that Klein only rushed for 4 yards (with sacks, too lazy to look up the difference)?

9. Texas Tech Red Raiders | 5-6 (2-6)

I thought you had given up on the season, but I guess you just needed to play against a team who was missing their head coach due to suspension to light a fire under your feet.  It still wasn't enough, though, and despite leading Missouri for 58 minutes you eventually lost and are in serious jeopardy of ending your bowl streak.  Guns up!

10. Kansas Jayhawks | 2-9 (0-8)

Nice win over UCLA!  Maybe you are turning your season around!  Oh, wait, wrong sport.

Oh well, time to get pumped for the final Border War with Missouri, which I guess is some sort of marching band/flag waving competition.


1. TCU Horned Frogs | 9-2 (0-1) [6-0]

Not much to say here.  You took care of Colorado State to clinch at the least a share of the Mountain West Conference Title.  You wrap that up next week if you can take care of UNLV.  We like our new members to be the best of whatever conference they are leaving (unlike other conferences who just take our mediocre-to-awful teams from us).

2. West Virginia Mountaineers | 7-3 (0-0) [3-2]

As needed, Cincinnati boosted WVU up the Big East standings with a loss to Rutgers. Unfortunately, Louisville (with non-con losses to FIU, Marshall and UNC) is sitting at 4-2 in conference play (6-5 overall).  This incredibly puts them in a 5-way tie for first with Rutgers (4-2), Cincinnati (3-2), WVU (3-2) and Pittsburgh (3-2).  Louisville only has one game left against 5-5 (1-4) South Florida.  If they win that game, they have head-to-head tie breakers over WVU and Rutgers, but losses to Cincy and Pitt.  Frankly, the Big East is a cluster-fuck (This curse word is brought to you by Lee Corso.) right now.  As it stands now, only WVU/Pitt is guaranteed to be knocked out of the running because they play each other this week.  All the other teams in this possible tie can win-out* without affecting the standings, and then there will be a 4-way tie for first.  If WVU and Louisville both win-out, I think (based on my deciphering of their schedules with no glance at the actual Big-East tie-breaker rules) they would be the top two, since they both have a 2-1 record against the other three tied members.  Louisville has the win over WVU to then use as the final tie-breaker.** In that case, Louisville would be the Big East champion at 7-5.

Stew on that for a while.***


*Or lose-out, for that matter, if every team loses.  Don't smirk, it is a distinct possibility.

**Check out the 2nd comment in this Smoking Musket (WVU SBnation site) post for an explanation of what WVU needs to happen to win the Big East.  WARNING: Features CSI: Miami reference and audio.

***Or don't, because it immediately makes me think of KSU having a shot as Big 12 North Champions (and therefore a shot at Big 12 Champions) at 6-5 two years ago.

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