Week 12 bowl projections

After Friday night I thought that K-State's Fiesta Bowl hopes were dead in the water, I made the stupid mistake of forgetting how deadly RG3 and his impressive corps of receivers were though. And now I would say that K-State's Fiesta Bowl/BCS at-large hopes are as good as ever.


Fiesta Bowl- Kansas State- To this point in the season the Wildcats have had no road wins over teams that turned out to be good, but that has now changed and with their defensive victory over Texas. All the Wildcats have to do at this point is win out and a Big 12 championship may be waiting on the other end. The Cats could also end up in the Cotton Bowl or another BCS bowl as an at-large, the Sugar is apparently pretty high on us.

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Cotton Bowl- Oklahoma State- There were some who said the Cowboys should not have played on Friday night given the events of the previous day, I would put myself in that group. But the Cowboys remembered how it was like to lose for the first time since November 27, 2010. Unfortunately for the Cowboys they still have to play an angry sooners team. But the Pokes still have a shot at an at-large bid from the BCS.

Alamo Bowl- Baylor- I think that Baylor's win over OU on National TV will be enough to earn the bears respect from the Alamo Bowl and give the Bears one of their better games in school history. But if the Cowboys get an at-large BCS bid or win the Big 12 the Bears may end up playing 2 or their last 3 games in Dallas.

Insight Bowl- Oklahoma- I think that the sooner's loss to Baylor may have been the best Big 12 game that ended in regulation all year. And from everything I have read the sooners are one of the most unattractive bowl teams in the Big 12 so Baylor is likely to get the nod from the Alamo Bowl.

Holiday Bowl- Texas- Texas has one of the best defenses in the country but it wasn't enough to stop Collin Klein and K-State from taking a close one in Austin. The longhorns will be invited to a decent bowl though.

Texas Bowl- Missouri- The Tigers will probably get in to the Texas Bowl just because of their win over A&M and the fact that will be at 7 wins.

Pinstripe Bowl- Texas A&M- It gives me great pleasure to predict that the Big 12 will send A&M on a trip to New York in a trip that we thought sucked last year.

Military Bowl- Iowa State- In a really good game the cyclones earned their second bowl game in 3 years, the clones will be taking Navy's spot as they will not be bowl eligible this season.

Home for the Holidays (note: both of these schools should be looking at the Black Friday ads for new Coaches)

Texas Tech- The Dead Raiders were an just one turnover away from being bowl eligible but they couldn't do it so they will be home for the holidays and shopping around for a new coach.

KU- the fighting chicken hawks showed some promise the past two weeks, but any progress made was eliminated last week after they got blown out by A&M, and I would throw ku in with ttech in the teams looking for new coaches.

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