Remember When

I was reading one of the SE articles on K-State's Athletic site, it was about the 4OT thriller against the aggies last Saturday. And it talked about how that game could become one of those "Remember When" events in K-State sports history. So that got me thinking what would some of those events be, so I put together a list of what I would consider the top "Remember When" events in K-State football.

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1. Bill Snyder introduced as 31st head football coach of Kansas State- I doubt there was anyone who thought that just 9 short years later the wildcats would be ranked 1st place in the country and be contending for a national championship, along those same lines I'm also pretty sure there was nobody who thought that K-State would win the 2003 Big 12 Championship.

2. 2003 Big 12 Championship K-State 35 OU 7- In what may be the biggest victory in K-State football history, the Wildcats won the Big 12 Championship beating (the crap out of) the sooners 35-7. There are countless reasons that this game was memorable, just to name a few, K-State's first conference championship in almost 70 years, Bill Snyder's first win over a #1 ranked team, and K-State's first bid in a BCS bowl.

3. 1998 #1 Kansas State 40 #11 Nebraska 30- The Wildcats finally exercised the red demons that had haunted them for close to 30 years. Seeing Micheal Bishop and K-State's explosive offense dismantle an Eric Crouch led husker team, who can forget Travis Oche's memorable tackle of Eric Crouch. Plus the win got us our first #1 ranking in school history.

4. 2011 #14 Kansas State 53 Texas A&M 50 4OT- This game was the longest game in Big 12 history and also one of the best games in NCAA history. For the second strait game Michael Bishop I mean Collin Klein really came through with 5 rushing TDs and another 1 one through the year with 281 passing yards to go with it.

5. 2000 #16 Kansas State 29 #4 Nebraska 28 The snow game- In a game that was memorable for a ton of reasons, the snow, the score, Willie on top of the press box. Although its kinda funny, its remembered as the snow game even though it didn't start snowing til the fourth quarter. But still a great win against a top 5 team that ultimately was seen as one of the best games in school history.

Honorable Mention

2005 Kansas State 36 Missouri 28- Snyder's last game during his first stint.

1989 Kansas State 20 North Texas State 17- Snyder's first win, a win that set the foundation for the greatest rebuilding projects in school history.

2002 Holiday Bowl #6 Kansas State 34 Arizona State 27- A 20 point 4th quarter gave Bill Snyder yet another bowl victory.

Bill Snyder rehired November 24, 2009- The Legend returned to for another stint on the sidelines.

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