Week 11 Big 12 Power Rankings

The Big 12 is Oklahoma State's to lose, and the way they are playing right now, I don't think that will be the case.  With only two games remaining, all they need to do is maintain their focus and they should win out.  That shouldn't be too hard with Bedlam in the season finale, but Iowa State is a scrappy team looking for bowl eligibility playing at home.  The Cowboys better not look too far ahead.


1. Oklahoma State | 10-0 (7-0)

They absolutely annihilated Texas Tech, who has apparently decided that the season ended on October 22.  OSU is playing with a purpose right now, and if they could play LSU today I think they could dominate.  Let's see if they can keep this focus through the end of the season.  They have a potential trap game this week against Iowa State, who has had the benefit of a bye week to prepare. Rhoads will have this team fired up and ready to play at home, but if OSU shows up with the focus they've shown so far they will win this game by the end of the first half.

2. Oklahoma | 8-1 (5-1)

They didn't do anything last week, since they had a bye.  With the extra week for game-planning, I doubt that Oklahoma will overlook or be unprepared for the Bears.  Still, Griffin is good enough that if the Sooners aren't on top of their game, he will make them pay.

3. Kansas State | 8-2 (5-2)

Most exciting game of the year, and a good one to relieve a smidgen of the pain from [REDACTED].  One of the reasons I chose K-State is that family atmosphere and generosity that all Wildcats exude.  However, it would be nice if the football team stop being so generous to the opposing teams and spotting them 14-0 leads.  We have a chance to secure an at-worst third place finish in the Big 12 if we can beat Texas on the road this week.  They have lost their leading rusher for the season, and looked lost on offense without him.

Oh, yeah, it's just Texas, what am I worried about?

4. Baylor | 6-3 (3-3)

You really shouldn't move up to #4 after needing a 4th quarter rally and OT to beat KU, but there isn't really anyone else that should be ahead of you.  You can justify your position by beating OU this week (HA!).

5. Missouri | 5-5 (3-4)

Another team here by default.  However I actually think this team is good enough to deserve this spot.  As I said after we beat them earlier this year, I would be surprised if they finished outside the top 25.  While I guess I going to be surprised, I won't be that surprised.  The Tigers should be favored to win their two remaining games, and finish with 7 wins.


6. Texas | 6-3 (3-3)

Who knows how good Texas will be without the Fozz to carry the load. They didn't do very well against Missouri, but they also lost him in-game and didn't have time to game-plan around his absence.  That won't be the case this weekend, and the last time KSU faced a team that had just lost their leading rusher for the season, we let the back-up get 218 yards and 2 TDs.  Fortunately for us, David Ash is no Ryan Tannehill.

7. Texas A&M | 5-5 (3-4)


8. Iowa State | 5-4 (2-4)

Is the week off enough of an edge to spring the upset against Okie State?  I know that ISU is guaranteed one head-scratcher victory each year (I'm not so sure they've had it yet; all of their victories have been perfectly reasonable in retrospect), but I don't think it will be Oklahoma State.  A more likely candidate is Oklahoma next week and unfortunately an even likelier candidate is KSU in the season finale (FARMAGEDDON BABY!).

9. Texas Tech | 5-5 (2-5)

Tech is playing like a team that doesn't realize the season is still in progress.  The players are playing with no energy, plain and simple.  Watching them play it is clear that the problem isn't necessarily talent or scheme, it is effort.  At least, after the first two drives, that is the problem.  Since OU, once they fall behind they give up.

10. Kansas | 2-8 (0-7)

What, only one OT?  And you lost?!  Maybe Turner Gill isn't the problem; maybe it's endemic.  You should just drop football all-together.


1. TCU | 8-2 (0-1) [5-0]

Big 12 Represent!

TCU walked into the longest home winning streak in college football and ended it.  Sure, that streak was built on cupcakes, but it was still a long one.  TCU legitimized themselves with their 36-35 victory and were rewarded with a place in all the polls and a #19 ranking in the BCS.  The game was a close one throughout, with no team ever gaining a solid lead.  TCU won it by converting a 2-point conversion to take the lead instead of playing for the tie with only 1:05 remaining.

2. West Virginia | 7-3 (0-0) [3-2]

Like TCU, they won a critical conference game, on the road, with a missed field goal by the opponent after a timeout with 3 seconds left.  Unlike TCU, they play in the mediocre Big East, and that opponent was inexplicable conference leader Cincinnati (with a non-con loss to 4-6 Tennessee), who with that loss was dropped from all the rankings, thereby depriving the Big East from any teams in the top 25.  Thanks to the win, WVU still has a chance at the league title, but they need Cincinnati to lose again.  That is a good possibility with a game against Rutgers "looming" this week.  WVU gets a bye.

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