Week 11 Bowl projections

Bowl projections from around the Big 12 after some great games last Saturday.


BCS National Championship- Oklahoma State- The cowboys have put them selves in position where if they when out they will be playing for a national championship game. But perhaps what is most impressive is the fact that one week after allowing 45 points they then go into Lubbock and only allow 6 points.

For more projections from around the Big 12 keep reading after the jump.

Fiesta Bowl- Kansas State- I fully expect the wildcats to be tied for second with the sooners at the end of the season, and if it comes down to an at large bid in a BCS bowl I think that K-State might get the nod. This is based off of several factors, including the fact that the sooners have been present 3 of the past 5 years, the sooners came no where near close to selling out their allotted tickets for last year, and we are only 8 years removed from the K-State nation sending close to 35,000 to Tempe. This is also based off the fact that OU would have lost in the last week of the regular season, where as K-State wouldn't have lost since the first week in November.

Cotton Bowl- Oklahoma- Like I said above I fully expect the sooners to lose the bedlam game, and as we saw in 2007, its not necessarily who or how bad you lost its when you lost, and OU lost to Texas Tech right before the red raiders went into a tailspin and will play OSU in a game that could get ugly if they aren't careful.

Alamo Bowl- Baylor- This just feels weird to put Baylor (ya Baylor) as the fourth best team in the Big 12 but behind the arm and legs of RG3 and the speed that their offense is just loaded with the bears will probably get themselves  into one of the best bowl games in school history.

Insight Bowl- Texas- The longhorns took a huge hit on Saturday when they lost Fozzy Whitaker (side note: what a great name) for the season, but the longhorns did their work early and got to 6 wins, but at the same time I could see the Longhorns losing their next 3 games.

Holiday Bowl- Missouri- After being absent from the bowl projections for several weeks, the tigers are back after they pulled off a win against Texas. I know what you are probably thinking right now, the tigers are still 4-6 and can't afford to make any mistakes, well their schedule sets up very nicely for them to win out (they pretty much would have to try and lose these next two) as they will be playing a tech team that seems to have just really packed it in after that weird night in Norman and a ku team that really just has nothing to play for at this point.

Texas Bowl- Texas A&M- The dog lovers are probably going to be just sliding in to the bowl season, but they'll make it as they still have ku left on their schedule. But Texas A&M may be the single most disappointing team in the country, it takes a lot of work to go from being a preseason top 10 to needing a win over ku to get to a bowl. (side note: wouldn't it just be great if we could send them to the pinstripe bowl instead)

Pinstripe Bowl- other conference tie in/Notre Dame- Texas Tech still has two games left (at Missouri and at jerry world against baylor) and while its possible, I just can't see them winning either game.

Home for the holidays

Texas Tech- There is no acceptable reason why a team can go from 4-0 to losing 3 blowouts to sub par teams.

Iowa State- They cyclones are probably the best non-bowl team in the Big 12, but they will probably still be celebrating Christmas and New Years in Ames.

KU- ku blew its best shots to win a conference game two weeks in a row, and there will almost definitely be a new leader on the sidelines next year.

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