The Paterno Situation, and Why I'm Heading Down The Trail

To all-

I have really enjoyed my time contributing to this blog. That statement is unequivocally true. The last week has basically shattered a lot of things for me, both in how I view college sports, and how I view our blog.

For many reasons, none of which I can share here, this story cut me to the bone. My response to it has basically been that everyone who knew anything about it back in 2002, and didn't call the police, should either be forced to resign or be fired. Given the trail of abused little boys left by Sandusky after all of those people had a chance to stop him by calling the police, that seems a rational response. To the majority of people who comment here, it apparently is not.

I have seen extended defenses of Paterno, from both a bureaucratic and legal perspective, and have been informed continually that there was nothing morally questionable about his not having called the police. I have a Penn State fan (she and her husband are both late-70s/early-80s grads) whom I am friends with on Facebook. She and her husband are brutalized by this. Devastated beyond belief. But while they're a bit sad that things had to end this way for their coach, even they don't try to pretend it could have been any other way. Their devastation comes from the fact that somehow, some way, the institution they love allowed this to happen. And they have no illusions that Joe Paterno is without moral culpability here. Yet, throughout our own comment threads, I've been pilloried as being irrational and unobjective for believing that Paterno deserved to be fired.

I write all of that to write this: I must go. When I'm this out of step with the tide of opinion here--and this stunned by it as well--I just feel there's no other choice. There are many things I'll miss about BOTC: the discussions and debates about various about our school's fine athletic teams; driving the Collin Klein Bandwagon; writing snarky headlines for Mizzou-related expansion news; Rally Scarlett; like I said, lots of things.

But I won't miss the constant churning in my stomach every time I opened the page these last few days, knowing that I was going to be reading long defenses of a man who could/should have called the police to stop a child molester, but didn't do so. It has simply taken me back to a place where I have no interest in going, and I don't see how I can stay here and know that is happening, while my name (well, initials anyway) is at the bottom of this blog.

I still wish everyone the best. I don't think anyone here is a bad person. I just think we have a lot of people who will look back at what they've written here at some point and wish they had not written it. Or maybe that will never happen. Either way, we all love the Wildcats, and we all hope they beat the hell out of the Hawks, so there's that. I'll just be doing it somewhere other than BOTC, going forward.

Best Regards,


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