K-State Slate: 10.6.11




K-State Football

Topeka's Tomasi Mariner, after a grayshirt year and a redshirt year, has worked his way into the rotation at right guard.

Chris Harper isn't happy with being No. 20. He wants to be No. 1.

K-State Volleyball

K-State has come back to earth after a nine-match winning streak. No. 16 Iowa State swept K-State last night in Ahearn Fieldhouse, handing the Cats their second straight loss.

Some Nebraska Fans Don't Like Wisconsin

A Nebraska fan wrote a letter to the editor to a Wisconsin paper complaining about how they were treated at a road venue after a big loss. You don't say?

Conference Realignment

An unnamed Missouri official said the SEC is "what's left." That popping sound you just heard is the vein in Mike Slive's forehead bulging out.

Oklahoma's David Boren thinks it's 50/50 that Missouri leaves at this point.

According to Chip Brown, Texas balked at a 13-year grant of rights, but did agree not to air any high school football content, games or highlights, for six years.

Same song, third verse. The Kansas Board of Regents believes the Big 12 is the best home for K-State and KU. I don't think anybody is disputing that at this point. I did like this quote:

The chairman said that the mayhem over conference realignment underscores "why alumni and boards of regents shouldn’t talk about intercollegiate athletics, because they don’t know anything about it. To divert all this time away of from academics is just a shame."

The Manhattan Mercury thinks John Currie is KU's athletic director. /facepalm

Sam Mellinger wants the talk of the Border War ending if Missouri leaves the conference to stop. I disagree. If Missouri leaves the Big 12, it's absolutely KU's prerogative to stop playing them. You only get three or four non-conference football games per year, and it may not be possible to fit Missouri in every year. As far as basketball goes, KU would be doing Mizzou a favor by keeping them on the schedule, especially if the game were played at Sprint Center.

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