K-State Slate: 10.3.11


Stay tuned today for Postgame Reaction.

K-State Football

Baylor's Robert Griffin III lived up to the hype, but it was Collin Klein and K-State who got the win on Saturday.

Actually, it's more than a little unfair to give Klein top billing like that. While Klein was his usual tough, gritty self out there, it was K-State's defense who provided the big plays in the clutch, with special recognition to Ray Kibble, Arthur Brown and Jordan Voelker. 

K-State got the win even though the defense had no answer for Baylor's Kendall Wright, who finished with a school-record 201 receiving yards. Fear not, K-State fans, as Baylor still has to play KU, and it's likely Wright will smash that record against the Jayhawks.

With the win, K-State vaulted into the national rankings at No. 20. We'll let you know where they end up in this week's BlogPoll.

Bill Snyder is the silver fox, the lion in winter, the only 71-year-old who can get a bunch of college students to listen to his stories and buy into his system.

Big 12 Scores

I'll have more on each Big 12 game in Postgame Reaction, but for now here's a little bit about the weekend that was in the Big 12.

Arkansas beat Texas A&M 42-38...oh, wait, that's an SEC game. Never mind. Check out I Am The 12th Man for Beergut's ever-balanced analysis.

After spotting KU 20 points, Texas Tech roared back for a 45-34 win in Lawrence on Saturday. On the heels of this disappointing home loss, Vegas pegged KU as 29-point underdogs to Oklahoma State next weekend in Stillwater.

Texas dominated Iowa State, cruising to a 37-14 victory that wasn't even that close.

Oklahoma hammered Ball State, 62-6. But the Sooners are more excited about the Red River Shootout next weekend than they are a slapdown of Jason Whitlock's alma mater.


Conference Realignment

Missouri's board of curator's faces a difficult decision regarding its conference alignment, complicated by political factors involving the second-largest city in its state and the opinions of fans, many of whom lack the information required to make such a decision.

The presidents of each Big 12 institution had a conference call on Sunday, and Chip Brown reports ttweets that one Big 12 administrator is optimistic Mizzou will remain with the Big 12.







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