How to beat OU

This will be hands down the most difficult contest of the year. And if you would have asked me before last Saturday i would have called for OU to blow us out of the water, but I saw two games that made me change that my mind. The first being the K-State game and Tyler Lockett showing that he has some serious potential. The second being the OU game, when Texas Tech handed the ball off OU swarmed to one side almost every time and left huge holes on the line that Collin Klein would have exploited for huge gains.

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Must do's

Special teams play- For two strait weeks the special teams have come up with huge plays at vital points in the game.

Exploit holes in the line- OU allowed holes against tech and their is no reason to think that they won't allow the same holes against K-State, and when they do Collin Klein has to roll over them.

Stay balanced on offense-Brent Venables is one of the better defensive coordinators in the country at coaching his stellar 5-star talent into some surprisingly average defenses that lay an egg when you least expect it. But if K-State can stay balanced between the run and passing game they should keep OU guessing and not have too much problems with what seems to still be a short handed OU defense.


Should do's

Time of possession- This will probably be the most important game for this category at this point in the year. OU's offense is extremely explosive with 3 scary good receivers catching passes from a Heisman candidate QB with one of the Big 12's best running backs in the back field this is an offense who is better kept on sidelines.

Quick Start- Landry Jones does not play well from behind so it would be nice to put a nice 10-14 point lead up early in the game.

Get Tyler Lockett involved- I have heard multiple times this week that this team just simply doesn't know that they are not supposed to be winning, this is especially true with true freshman Tyler Lockett who is beginning to turn into one of the most explosive scoring weapons on the offense.

Bonus round: Have an hour and a half delay- It worked for Texas Tech so why wouldn't it work for us to.


Can't do's

Let them get confident- This team is coming off a hard loss and letting them get a lead could be disastrous.

Turnovers- This team may have lost last week but they are still very dangerous and very capable of forcing turnovers and putting teams into bad situations.


Prediction time

K-State 34 OU 24- Texas Tech proved last week that the sooners are not invincible, but the cats still have to take this team very seriously. OU stilled allowed huge holes in their line though and that is just not something that can be fixed in one week and if K-State gets a decent lead and do what they have been doing all year they should have no problem moving to 8-0 for the first time since 1999.

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