Week 8 Hotel California Conference Power Rankings

I hate Bob Stoops. That is all.


1. Oklahoma State | 7-0 (4-0)

OSU continues to impress.  They held off a strong Missouri team on the road and are rewarded with the undisputed #1 spot in my weekly power rankings. A higher honor I could not bestow.*

2. Kansas State | 7-0 (4-0)

If you told me that after beating KU I would move the Cats up in the rankings I would have told you that you were nuts.  I still have a hard time believing that we are actually the 2nd best team in the Big 12, but here we are.

3. Texas A&M | 5-2 (3-1)

Here by default. If ISU's defense doesn't gift wrap you a comfortable lead at half time with some bone-headed penalties, I don't think you win that game.

4. Texas Tech | 5-2 (2-2)

I'm torn.  It's always a good thing when a team destroys Oklahoma at home.  However, this game cost us Gameday (or at the least a decent chance at it).  For now, I will tentatively support your new-found awesomeness, conditionally upon continued success.  If you start losing to bad teams (like ISU or Texas) then I will just be mad at you.

5. Derpdaderpa | 6-1 (3-1)

.Derp derp derpitty derpy der derp.


6. Baylor | 4-2 (1-2)

This is what happens when you take a week off.  A team like Texas Tech jumps up and steals your thunder.  You have a chance to right the ship this week against Oklahoma State, but methinks that is unlikely, dropping you to .500 in conference play.

7. Texas | 4-2 (1-2)

Another bye week victim here.  Console yourself with a #24 BCS ranking.

8. Missouri | 3-4 (1-3)

Once again Missouri puts up a good fight against a solid team but commits too many mistakes to pull off a win.  I tend to agree with Bill C. at Rock M Nation that Missouri is a young team that should improve dramatically next year.  Who knows if that will be good enough to dramatically improve their record ifwhen they move to the SEC.

9. Iowa State | 3-4 (0-4)

I always feel bad for Iowa State.  This is a team that plays its heart out every game, but unfortunately just gets out-talented most of the time.  It also makes me nervous for our end-of-season showdown.  These guys could definitely beat us if we are not on top of our game.

10. Kansas | 2-4 (0-4)

I will take the high road, and not pile on to the crushing humiliation we poured on the Jayhawks Saturday.  I won't mention all the other smack-downs we've laid on them over the last 20 years.  I won't make jokes about how basketball season has already started for them, or that the stadium was barely 3/4s full, with at least 10,000 KSU fans thrown into the mix.  No, I'll just point out that it wouldn't be very fair to fire Turner Gill after only two years on the job.  Give the guy a chance!


*Because I am in no position to bestow any actual honors.

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