Week 8 bowl projections

My picks for Big 12 bowl games after week 8.

  • Fiesta Bowl- Oklahoma State- The Cowboys now have the inside track to win the Big 12 after the sooners lost yesterday. They still have to play K-State and OU at home, which I think they will split. But right now OSU is my pick to win the Big 12.

For the rest of my picks keep reading after the jump.

  • Cotton Bowl- Kansas State- The Wildcats now have probably the second easiest path to the Big 12 championship. I expect that the cats will handle the sooners next Saturday and set up a battle of undefeateds in Stillwater.
  • Alamo Bowl- Oklahoma- I saw a lot of things wrong with OU on Saturday, and if they don't figure out how to fix them very, very soon OU could be the letdown of the Big 12 during the second half. But no matter what the Top 3 Big 12 bowls will feature very good teams that will have no less than 9 wins a piece.
  • Insight Bowl- Texas A&M- A&M showed they still have demons to deal with during the second half as they let Iowa State get within 8 points during the fourth quarter. Despite this they still have KU, Missouri, and a shell shocked OU team left on the schedule so don't be surprised to see the aggies get to 8 wins in there farewell tour of the Big 12. Below the top 3 bowls I see a major drop off of quality of team.
  • Holiday Bowl- Texas- The longhorns still have KU, Missouri and Baylor left on the schedule so there is no reason to think they can't get to 6 wins. But they are still no where near back to the top and this bowl game may very well be the final stand of Mack Brown.
  • Texas Bowl- Texas Tech- I think that Texas Tech played the same way against OU as they did against K-State the week before. But I still think they have a decent shot to get to 6 or 7 wins this season.
  • Pinstripe Bowl-Baylor- The bears will be barely bowl eligible as they still have Iowa State left on their schedule. RG3 may be one of the top 5 QBs in the country but there is just not much talent around him and Baylor just can't keep winning big games until they get some better players.

Home for the Holidays

Missouri- The tigers showed some hope last Saturday but still need to get three more wins which I just can't see happening.

Iowa State- They were who we thought they were. Iowa State showed some glimpses of promise early in the season but there is just no way they can get to 6 wins this season.

Kansas- Well you heard about the game yesterday, just take that times 12.

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