Quick thoughts of K-State vs. ku

A quick recap, what I thought the Wildcats did well, what they could improve on, and grades for the offense, defense, special teams, and coaching, and player of the game.


What I liked

  • The passing game- While still well below average of most BCS programs, the passing game kept more than one drive alive and helped to score the first of 17 points in under a minute.

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  • The run game- even though it took a little while to get established, K-State still had 7 rushing touchdowns and two 92 yard rushers.
  • Tyler Lockett- #16 was so good he deserves his own category. In addition to having 110 yards and 1 touchdown from the air he also had another kickoff return touchdown. Tyler may become is a very special player. He also became the first K-State player to return kickoffs for touchdowns in back to back weeks. The only thing that I didn't like was that he tired to juke out a defender and go into the endzone instead of going strait for the score, but he made up for it in the next kickoff.
  • Meshak Williams- The defensive lineman had a huge sack early on that really demoralized the jayhawks offensive line.
  • Defense- The defense allowed only 76 rushing yards and 210 through the air, mostly after the second teamers were put in. The third down unit did very well only allowing ku to convert 31% of the time. The defense came very close to shutting out ku in the second half, and had two take aways.

What could improve

  • Punt return- overall I thought that the punt returning was pretty good, except for the one where Tyler Lockett almost fumbled.


Offense- A - The cats had 200 yards on the ground and through the air for the first time this year and achieved season high scores in two consecutive weeks.

Defense- B+- The cats gave up 14 points with the first teamers in and 7 points with the backups taking snaps. They also had two fumble recoveries. And anytime you can keep somebody under 100 yards rushing its a good day.

Special teams- A- - It would have been an A+ with the 97 yard return and a clutch field goal by Anthony Cantele to end the first half, but that near fumble bothered me.

Coaching- A - There was nothing particularity special about the play calling this game but Snyder did what he always does and ran up the score on KU for a second strait year.


Player of the Game- Tyler Lockett- the freshman wide receiver had the first 100 yard receiving game of the year for the wildcats and became the first player in K-State history to return a kickoff for a touchdown in back to back weeks.

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