How to Beat KU

Although the experts always say to never over look a rivalry game for a possible upset, this one is almost always a blowout as Bill Snyder LOVES to pour it on when playing KU. Anyway here is just a few things that the Wildcats must do to beat the jayhawks. Plus my prediction for the game. Keep reading after the jump.

Must do- things K-State must do to win

  • Shut down the offense early- In 3 different games this year the cats have started off a game with a big defensive play. A huge factor for teams with little talent is confidence, if K-State can get a big play off the offense early in the game it would be a huge blow to KU's confidence that has been slightly improved from last year.
  • Run the ball strait down their throat- It would not surprise me at all if Dana Dimel and Del Miller pick the Georgia Tech game as the film they show the offense to get ready for KU. Also a big day could give the cats a nice boost of momentum going into the Oklahoma game.

Should do- things that while not vital should do in order to beat the jayhawks

  • Win the turnover battle- Winning the turnover battle is always important and often leads to extra possessions i.e. free points.
  • Special teams play- Last week we saw Rapheal Guidry block take away 6 points from the red raiders and see what we hope will be the first of many touchdown returns from the latest Lockett to dawn a wildcat jersey.
  • Time of possession- This has been a staple of almost all Bill Snyder teams. The wildcats surprisingly good defense can be credited in large part to the fact they are only out on the field for about 25 minutes of game clock and get long breaks on the sideline.

Avoid doing- things that should be avoided

  • Big play- KU stayed in the game with OU for the first half and should not be taken lightly. But if like I said earlier we can take away their confidence they will eventually look at the score board and see they are losing
  • Long drives- K-State's defense is probably the most well rested team in all of college football and In the Big 12 K-State has given up the second fewest points. The longer KU has the ball the more they think they can win.

Prediction time: K-State 45 KU 7- While I don't think this will seem like the blowout in Larrytown last year, the final score will not be close and eventually KU will find themselves down big late. I also think it is very possible that K-State's D will find a way to shut out the jayhawks. It is also possible that K-State will gain 300+ yards on the ground and 500 overall (assuming that the two Smiths are back)  as K-State's and Georgia Tech's offenses are very similar in how they attack their opponents. First on the ground then through the air if necessary.

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