Know Your Braggin' Rights

Inspired by the transitive win/loss rankings mentioned here, and shamelessly ripping off the work of my team is better than your team.

I figured I would put together a list of who has bragging rights over who in the Big 12.  And then rank teams on that basis because rankings are cool. 

"Braggin' rights" for this purpose are acquired by beating teams.  When you beat a team you get braggin' rights over them and over every team they have braggin' rights over.  That's not limited to Big 12 or FBS games.  If Kansas any team in the Big 12 is bad enough to lose to an FCS team they deserve all the scorn and derision that that brings.*

The rankings are determined by giving each team 1 point for every other conference team they have braggin' rights over and subtracting 1 point for every team that has their braggin' rights.  Ties are broken however I feel like it, if at all.

*Interestingly, every Big 12 team that currently has braggin' rights on KU has those rights via NDSU.

The rankings:  (format: rank, team, no. rights taken-no. rights given, list of teams)
1.    Kansas State    4-0 (Iowa State, Kansas, Texas, Texas Tech)
2.    Texas A&M    1-0 (Kansas)
3.    Texas        1-1 (Texas Tech -- Kansas State)
4.    Iowa State    1-1 (Kansas -- Kansas State)
t10.    Baylor        0-0
t10.    Colorado    0-0
t10.    Missouri    0-0
t10.    Nebraska    0-0
t10.    Oklahoma    0-0
t10.    Oklahoma State    0-0
11.    Texas Tech    0-2 (Kansas State, Texas)
12.    Kansas        0-3 (Iowa State, Kansas State, Texas A&M)

Texas is ahead of Iowa St. because I figure braggin' rights on Tech are better than braggin' rights on KU, and the 0-0 teams are all tied at 10th for not being connected to the rest of the conference yet and ruining my fun.

The relevant win strings for determining these rankings are here:
K-State > Iowa St. > Nrn. Iowa > N. Dakota St. > Kansas
K-State > UCLA > Texas > Texas Tech
Texas A&M > S.F. Austin > Nrn. Iowa > etc.

Rooting suggestions for this weekend's games to help us K-State fans get more braggin' rights:
KU over Baylor; Yeah, I know, rooting for the beakers is just wrong, but if they do win we'll get braggin' rights over Baylor.
Texas over OU; Since we own the Longhorns (even if just by proxy ... for now), let's make 'em earn their keep.

None of the other games this weekend matter, with the possible execption of Georgia-Colorado, but I don't care enough to figure out if that one does.


Bottom line: As a Wildcat you can talk smack to Longhorns, Red Raiders, Cyclones and Jayhawks, and don't have to put up with any smack talk from anybody ... yet.

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