BOTC's Big 12 Fantasy Basketball League — Draft Thread (DRAFT COMPLETE!)

Back in November, I posted my idea for a Big 12 Fantasy Basketball League. For an explanation of what the league will look like, how it will be scored, etc., see that link. The draft will take place over the course of the next 36 hours or so, ending at Noon Central Time on Friday, December 17. Draft order was determined by site seniority, and will be serpentine in nature. The draft will consist of 6 rounds, and the official order will be listed after the jump. I will be editing this post to update that list with what players are selected at each position. Each competitor will make their choices in the comments section, and feel free to use the comments section for your analysis of our varying degrees of fantasy drafting prowess.

Note: The drafted players will be moved above the jump as the draft occurs, so as to make it easier to tell who has drafted, and whose turn it is, as well as what players have been taken, and in what order. If the draft ends up extending much past Friday at noon Central time, I will ask that one of my BOTC colleagues take care of doing this, as I will not be near a computer from about 2:00 Central until Tuesday or so. 

Round 1:
TB - Jordan Hamilton, 6'7", So., G/F, Texas
Panjandrum - Alec Burks, 6'6", So., G, Colorado
BracketCat - Jacob Pullen, 6'0", Sr., G, Kansas State
KSB - Marcus Morris, 6'9", Jr., F, Kansas

Round 2:
KSB - Quincy Acy, 6'7", Jr., F, Baylor
BracketCat - Marshall Moses, 6'6", Sr., F, Oklahoma State
Panjandrum - Diante Garrett, 6'4", Sr., G, Iowa State
TB - Cory Higgins, 6'5", Sr. G, Colorado

Round 3:
TB - Perry Jones, 6'11", Fr., F, Baylor
Panjandrum - Marcus Denmon, 6'3", Jr., G, Missouri
BracketCat - Markieff Morris, 6'10", Jr., C, Kansas
KSB - Lacedarius Dunn, 6'4", Sr., G, Baylor

Round 4:
Tyshawn Taylor, 6'3", Jr., G, Kansas
BracketCat - Khris Middleton, 6'7", So., F, Texas A&M
Panjandrum - Ricardo Ratliffe, 6'8", Jr., F, Missouri
TB - Tristan Thompson, 6'8", Fr., F, Texas

Round 5:
TB - Scott Chistopherson, 6'3", Jr. G, Iowa State
Panjandrum - Curtis Kelly, 6'8", Sr., F, Kansas State
BracketCat - Josh Selby, 6'2", Fr., G, Kansas
KSB - Keiton Page, 5'9", Jr., G, Oklahoma State

Round 6:
KSB - Rodney McGruder, 6'4", So., G, Kansas State
BracketCat - Jamar Samuels, 6'7", Jr., F, Kansas State
Panjandrum - Melvin Ejim, 6'6", Fr., F, Iowa State
TB - Lawrence Bowers, 6'8", Jr., F, Missouri

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