Week 10 Big XII Power Rankings

Is the Big XII a more balanced conference this year, or are the top teams just not up to snuff?  I'd venture to say that it is a combination of both.  Texas is obviously building for next year at this point.  Or they should be. But non-traditional powers are clearly on the rise.  OSU and Baylor just battled for a chance at the Big XII South last week, and both were ranked at the time. The Big XII also has six teams in the Top 25 of the BCS rankings.  So while the Big Dogs have regressed a little (or a lot), the rest of the Big Texas, er, XII, has also stepped up their game.

Rankings after the completely unnecessary but utterly useful for organizing my thoughts jump.

  1. That's right, I didn't rank anybody #1.  That's because nobody deserves it, yet.  OSU showed they didn't care for the honor by losing to Nebraska at home, and the Nubs showed they would rather be in the Big Ten by laying an egg, at home, to Texas. Yes, that's right, 4-5 I probably won't be going bowling Texas.  Also, I didn't want to give Nebraska the honor of #1.
  2. Nebraska | 8-1 | 4-1
    ISU was this close to starting down their path to the Big XII championship game.  How sweet that would have been.  They get the nod over OSU because of the head-to-head, but if the championship game is a re-match, OSU will have the rest of the conference rooting for them.
  3. Oklahoma State | 8-1 | 4-1
    The Cowboys are in the driver's seat in the Big XII South.  They still have to beat Oklahoma, but since it is at home, and with Oklahoma having road troubles recently, that is a very winnable game.  If they keep playing the solid defense they've demonstrated against Baylor and KSU (offensive juggernaut that we are ;-), then they have a better than average shot of not only winning out but also upsetting Nebraska in the title game.
  4. Missouri | 7-2 | 3-2
    The spots 4-6 were hard to sort out, but I eventually gave it to the team that had the least embarrassing loss. I know Tech isn't that awesome, but the score was respectable even though Gabbert did his best to make it a blow-out loss. Also, Missouri beat Oklahoma.
  5. Oklahoma | 7-2 | 3-2
    Both Baylor and Oklahoma had embarrassing losses, but at least Baylor's was to a top 12 team.  That being said, Oklahoma still has the better resume, so I'm leaving them above the Bears.
  6. Baylor | 7-3 | 4-2
    Every-time people start taking you for real, you implode. Look at the TCU game, and now the OSU game as well. I like you, but you aren't there yet.
  7. Texas A&M | 6-3 | 3-2
    I can't believe you let Oklahoma stick around for that long.  Seriously, with all the talent that A&M has how come you haven't won every game by like 70 points?  Utter failures.
  8. Iowa State | 5-5 | 3-3
    This is where that tough non-conference schedule is biting you in the ass.  Still, you have Colorado left, so I bet you get to 6 wins.  Hopefully that is enough.
  9. Texas Tech | 5-4 | 3-4
    Now you have two games to cling to, Baylor and Missouri. With Weber State still on your schedule I'm sure that you'll get to 6 wins, but don't overlook Houston, else-wise you might only be eligible to go to a bowl game as opposed to actually going to one.
  10. Texas | 4-5 | 2-4
    Oh how the mighty have fallen. You still have a chance to go bowling, but not a good one.
  11. Kansas | 3-6 | 1-4
    Sweet Victory! Oh how blessed is thy relief!  Probably not enough to get you to a bowl this year, but it will give you a reprieve from last place. It also gets you an awesome article from Joe Posnanski.
  12. Colorado | 3-6 | 0-5
    The last remaining un-winned. You courageously find ways to lose, week after week, refusing to accept any remote chance of blemishing your fine conference record with a "victory". I salute you.

Once again I have left the unmentionable team out of my rankings.  9 PASSING YARDS?!?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?! Obviously this team has no desire to even take the football field in the current century.  They would rather play ball back in the '60s and refuse to pass.  Why can't they get with the times.  I wash my hands of you.


Hey, it worked last week, so why not keep the magic going?

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