Final Big XII Power Rankings

The regular season is over, and, except for the top two, we know what the final conference rankings are.  Missouri took care of business, but, alas, it was to no avail, as Colorado failed epically the night before. This inevitably led fans of the team of Nowledge to go berserk over not having Beebe on hand to deliver the North trophy so they could boo him in person instead of on random internet boards.

Congratulations to Oklahoma, who, as discussed last week, earns a trip to the Championship Game after finally showing up to play against a good team. Congratulations to Nebraska on winning a North Division title that only last year was almost won by a 6-6 KSU team that had lost to Louisiana-Lafeyette in the non-conference.  Great accomplishment, I'm sure the Big Ten is really impressed.  I'm sure the Pac-10 is even more impressed with their acquisition.

Check the rankings after the jump, where I will indubitably slight Nebraska in every way imaginable.

  1. Oklahoma | 10-2 | 6-2
    Make us proud next week.
  2. Oklahoma State | 10-2 | 6-2
    Good game, tough loss at home, but I still think you're better than everyone else below you, so regardless of the head-to-head I'm letting you pass the Nubs.
  3. Texas A&M | 9-3 | 6-2
    Let's be honest here.  The North division is weak compared to the south.  aTm has the same conference record as the Nubs and their lone non-con loss is to Arkansas.  As we all know, Arkansas>Washington, I don't care where the game is played. Also, this team beat Nebraska, so there. Maybe Nebraska's ineptness isn't versus UT specifically, but the state of Texas as a whole.
  4. Nebraska | 10-2 | 6-2
    We're Big XII North champions!!! Whoo!!  Wait, Beebe isn't here to present a trophy that needs to be engraved before presenting and there was no guarantee that we would win this game (and therefore the north)!?!?!  DISRESPECT!!!!  We threatened to kill him and his daughter?!?!?  Get over it!!!  We wanted to boo you!!!  We always get the short shaft of everything in the Big XII were we've only won the title twice and the division title 5 times in 15 years!!! Oh the agony!!!! I'm so sure that the Big 10 will treat us as we deserve to be treated, like gods!!!
  5. Missouri | 10-2 | 6-2
    This is what beating KU does for a team, it moves them down in the rankings.  That's how bad the Jayhawks are.
  6. Baylor | 7-5 | 4-4
    You didn't beat anybody and you didn't lose, so, you idle.
  7. Texas Tech | 7-5 | 3-5
    Nothing interesting happening here, people, just taking care of a C-USA team in unconvincing fashion.
  8. Kansas State | 7-5 | 3-5
    Nothing interesting happening here, people, just taking care of a Sun Belt team in a thoroughly embarrassing and disgusting fashion.
  9. Iowa State | 5-7 | 3-5
    Your season was over last week, but at least you didn't have to lose again.  For the record, I think Paul Rhoads is a fine caoch, and you guys will continue to improve.
  10. Colorado | 5-7 | 2-6
    You had a chance to redeem yourself, and you failed.  Seriously, why would you beat us and not Nebraska?  What purpose does it serve?  Don't feed me that BS about them being better than us, or that it was @ Nebraska.  Excuses.
  11. Texas | 5-7 | 2-6
    For all that talk about Texas owning the Big XII, they sure have a funny way of showing it.  They fall out of bowl eligibility with a 5-7 overall record, thanks largely to their 2-6 mark in conference play. Their only two victories came against TT and, you guessed it, Nebraska.
  12. Kansas | 3-9 | 1-7
    Thanks for playing, see you next year.

I fully expect OU to own Nebraska in the title game, so my rankings should stand after next week, so this will be my last rankings.  Don't see much point in re-ranking for one-game.  It will also allow me to avoid ranking Nebraska #1 in the event the unthinkable happens.  I hate you Nebraska, good riddance.

Colorado, well, I don't really care.

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