Week 9 Big XII Power Rankings

Well, that weekend sucked.  More specifically, Missouri sucks. 24-0 at the end of the first quarter, are you kidding me?!?! To paraphrase my favorite current Wildcat basketball head coach, "Try. Try comes to mind. They could try. Trying would be helpful."

Meanwhile, Texas continues its free-fall and Bob Stoops remains a douche.  This week I take a different approach to my rankings by completely overreacting to last week's results.

  1. Oklahoma | 7-1 | 3-1
    They beat COLORADO! They must be the best team in the conference.  Seriously, though, their only loss is to once beaten Missouri, whose only loss is to once beaten Nebraska, whose only loss is to many times beaten Texas.
  2. Nebraska | 7-1 | 3-1
    I hate you.
  3. Oklahoma State | 7-1 | 3-1
    These two spots (3 and 4) are interchangeable.  Missouri has beaten Oklahoma already, but OSU played a better game against Nebraska.  But, since Missouri lost control of the North, I'm giving this spot to the Cowboys.
  4. Tiggers | 7-1 | 3-1
    Don't make me angry.  Look what happened to Tech last week.  Makes me look like a prophet.  The least you could have done is knock out their star players for the year.  A sprained ankle, that's the best you can do?
  5. Baylor | 7-2 | 4-1
    I'm tempted to put you above Missouri, mainly because I'm angry at them.  I really like you, but you still have to beat the Oklahomas, and frankly, that's going to be a lot harder than beating Texas was.  The Tiggers have already beat OU, so that gives them the edge.  For now.  I'm rooting for a Big XII title game between Baylor and ISU, which leads me to my #6 spot.
  6. Iowa State | 5-4 | 3-2
    Whaaa?  How did this happen?  Well, the Cyclones have used those three crushing defeats to top ranked teams to beat the hell out of the bottom of the Big XII totem pole.  They still have to play Missouri and Nebraska, and as long as they win, guess who will be Big XII North champs?
  7. Texas A&M | 5-3 | 2-2
    Sorry Texas, you're not even the second third best team in Texas (thanks to Warden11 for bringing up TCU). It's official, JJ has fallen to The Curse, and we will see Tannehill take on the mighty Sooners. They still lose.
  8. Texas | 4-4 | 2-3
    Hey, at least you're better than Tech, right?  Are we going to see Head Coach Will Muschamp at the end of the season?  Will the Wildcats continue their dominance of Mack Brown?
  9. Texas Tech | 4-4 | 2-4
    Well, you still have that victory over Baylor to cling to.  Sure was a good idea to fire Mike Leach, what a horrible coach he was.
  10. Colorado | 3-5 | 0-4
    What can I say here?  You lost, again.  Hey, you're only two losses away from getting rid of Dan Hawkins finally.  Gotta look at the positives.
  11. Kansas | 2-6 | 0-4
    Unlike Colorado, Kansas fans can't look forward to a new head coach, because they just got one.  But things could be worse, I mean, their basketball team could be predicted to finish below first in the Big XII this year.  Oh yeah.  Well, at least they are one of only two teams that still has a zero in their conference win-loss record.  Too bad it's in the wrong column.

That wraps up my rankings for the week.  And no, I didn't forget a team in my rankings, they just don't even deserve to be ranked.  They are quite possibly the worst and most pathetic collection of talent ever to take the field.  Their kicker can't even make a 24 yard field goal!!!!  Never-mind that their defense held the number 2 offense in the nation to 24 points and they played the number 17 ranked Pokes close to a ten point game. I refuse to take any positives from this game.  They are dead to me.

As you can tell, I've been reading one too many K. Scott Bailey comments. :)

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