Week 11 Big XII Power Rankings

As many of you may know, I have always been a supporter of Carson Coffman.  No, he isn't sexy.  But the man tries, and he tries hard.  He also is usually pretty efficient.

But that support was largely predicated on the fact that I had not seen the backups play much, so I had to assume (and thereby make an ass out of both you and me) that they were either less talented (a specious claim) or more prone to mistakes.

Well, I got an inkling of one of the backups against Texas, but all it told me was that if Klein never throws the ball, he is fine.  That worked against Texas, who wasn't expecting it, but you can't get way with only 9 passing yards on 4 attempts consistently, so I tentatively threw my support once again behind Coffman heading into the Missouri game.

And what thanks did I get for it?  A big fat THREE TURNOVER performance and only one late semi-meaningless touchdown.  Klein meanwhile had 141 yards rushing, moved the offense considerably well and threw for his first career touchdown pass on 4-6 passing attempts for 65 yards.  Not too shabby for him

Now, to be perfectly clear here, I am not mad at Coffman.  I am mad at the coaches.  My support for Coffman was entirely based upon the fact that I had limited information.  The coaches have no such excuse.  Now that I have a more complete picture of the quarterback situation, I can say with confidence that Klein should start the rest of the season.

Now, what does all of this rambling have to do with a power rankings?  Nothing, really, so follow the jump to get what you really came here for.

  1. Oklahoma State | 9-1 | 5-1
    OSU finally got the monkey off its back that is Texas. Now they have to beat their bigger brothers from Norman for anyone to take them seriously.  Except for me, because I hate Nebraska.
  2. Nebraska | 9-1 | 5-1
    Stop whining.  You needed overtime and a weak-armed place-kick holder to beat Iowa State, who just lost to Colorado. Colorado. Your idea of putting that behind you is to go out and beat KU by the (not-in-anyway) impressive score of 20-3.  Really?  Only 20 points against KU?
  3. Missouri | 8-2 | 4-2
    Just think of what could have been if you weren't a bunch of losers who couldn't beat either Texas Tech or Nebraska.  That would have been awesome, huh?  And now you have to go and beat my Wildcats.  You can't do anything right, can you?
  4. Texas A&M | 7-3 | 4-2
    That was quite the jump for beating Baylor, but you deserve it.  You will be my new favorite non-purple team if you keep your winning streak alive this weekend.  Seriously, I won't say another bad thing about you ever again if you beat Nebraska.*
  5. Oklahoma | 7-2 | 3-2
    I bet you are wondering why they dropped a place after winning their game against Tech last week.  A few reasons.  First of all, it was against Tech, not that impressive. Secondly, they continue their home-and-away schizophrenia by playing lights-out at home.  They've only had three road games, of which they lost two and the third was a 3-point victory over a pretty bad Cincinnati team. Luckily you have two chances to change that perception the next two weeks against Baylor and OSU.
  6. Baylor | 7-4 | 4-3
    Yet another heartbreaking loss proves that these Bears are not ready for prime-time. Still a good year for the program, though, and I hope they finish strong.
  7. Kansas State | 6-5 | 3-4
    Making their debut after a two-week hiatus the Wildcats check in at #7. They face the surging Buffaloes next week in Boulder. Unfortunately Colorado is not technically out of the bowl-eligibility race yet, and may play extra hard to stay alive.  This doesn't bode well for the Wildcats who have already secured their eligibility and now seem content to sit back and play musical chairs at quarterback.  Such fun!
  8. Texas Tech | 5-5 | 3-5
    At least you still have those games against Baylor and Missouri to cling to.
  9. Iowa State | 5-6 | 3-4
    My condolences to Austin Arnaud and the Cyclones' season.  Arnaud is finished for the season due to injury, and the Cyclones are done due to losing to the worst team in the conference. Oh, wait, you still have Missouri next week, you're going bowling for sure!
  10. Colorado | 4-6 | 1-5
    Only a week has passed since Dan Hawkins left the program, but the drop-off in determination was clearly evident as Colorado uncharacteristically held a strong lead throughout the game to finish off the Cyclones.  Gone is their perfect conference losing record, marred by an ugly 1 in the win column. Disgusting.
  11. Texas | 4-6 | 2-5
    As hard as it is for a 4-6 team to "look ahead", I'm afraid that is what will happen here.  Be wary of the Owls, as they've already won four games this year and only have lost five. Thus demonstrating they are at least the equal to the Longhorns.
  12. Kansas | 3-7 | 1-5
    Last place welcomes you back with loving arms.  Sure, it briefly flirted with Colorado, but it was confused, and just wasn't ready for a committed relationship yet. Knowing that you were the first Big XII team to become Bowl ineligible has really brought home how perfect you are for each other.

*All promises guaranteed to be broken or your money back!

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