Don't Pet The Kitty Cat, Husker Fan...Them Claws'll Get You...

Manhappanin' Kansas- K-state.  The Little Apple.  Purple Power and Wildcat Pride.  You've heard it, you know the refrain, that beat hits your pulse and the right arm flies to the punch of 1-2-3...Go K-State!  College ball and start of Fall.  Thursday Night Football and a national game.  This puzzle has all the pieces for an intrigue of front page proportion.  There's a buzz.  It has the drama, the trauma and rocka-rolla-rama to send one program off to 'Greener Pastures" with the sting of defeat that will remind them once, now and forever that while the program under the Cornhusker Hood may have once stood tall on the lonely plains and born the history of four generations it still, still can't match the quality of camaraderie that was, is and will always be, Kansas State University. 

    Some things never change; the sun will rise in the east and shotguns will rain thunder on quail populations on Thanksgiving Day.   Some will favor Coke and others Pepsi and yes, the Husker Nation will swell their chest, stuff their face and gloat like a new father on his son's first birthday whenever their boys hit the iron grid.

     And they might win.  They might.  They might give the Big Red Chuckwagon a reason to stay up late, fire the grill and sip sarsaparillas on the F-250 tailgate while they bask in the glory of one more win. 

     But they might lose and if they do it's a safe bet to say the tents will be struck, the party shut down and a cloud of gloom shall descend upon the grassland from Omaha streets past the Platte River Delta.

     It's just how it is when it's all you got.

     But the other end of the end zone is backed by a wall of purple.  And while we've known our share of Glory and hoisted a wall of trophies of our own we've also felt the sting of despair and the pain of defeat.  And win, lose or draw there is one fact that will have its science proved again this evening.

     Because the final score (while dreadfully important) is not the only component to the physiology of a Kansas State Wild Kitten.  There's a little more to the make up and a little more to the story. 

     Kansas State University is K-state because the game is only part of the overall prize; that score on the board might say one thing and it might not say it well but when the final ticks are done the contest has only just begun.  Because while our record on the turf might need thirteen more years of perfection to reach .500 overall we hold one record that hasn't been touched, won't be broke and can't be taken; K-state has, in its 147 year history, never lost the party.

     And we won't lose it tonight either.  Big time action in Manhattan this evening.  50,000+ will shake The Stadium down and when it's finished and all is over...The Party will have only just kicked off.

     Go K-state!  So Long Saloon-it!  Auntie Mae's Glory Days, Helly at the Rock-a-Belly-Deli, Swill at The Gin Mill, Roll at the Fishbowl, Find Others at Brothers (Yeah!), Lucky's, Pat's, Kite's and that Last Chance know 'em all well...


Looking forward to talking this one out tomorrow...


Radio Kjed

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